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Place / Publishing House:Voorburg : NIDI, 1973-
Publication history:1.1973 -
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Notes:Hauptsacht. teilw. Working papers of the Netherlands Interuniversity Demographic Institute, teilw. NIDI Working Papers, teilw. Working paper
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A projection model of families according to family phase / by A. C. Kuijsten 1977 7
A microsimulation test of the effect of age misstatement on estimates of childhood mortality / by Gigi Santow 1978 8
Models of contemporary Dutch family building / by Gigi Santow 1977 9
A microsimulation of Yoruba fertility / by Gigi Santow 1978 10
Recent trends in fertility in Western Europe / D. J. van de Kaa 1978 11
The tranlation process as forecast instrument : a review of the situation in the seventies / by G. Frinking and Y. de Roo 1979 12
Regional differences in mortality in Western and Northern Europe : a review of the situation in the seventies / by F. W. A. van Poppel 1979 13
Economic consequences of sustained low fertility implications for economic and population policy / by William J. Serow 1979 14
Changing patterns of consumer demand in the Netherlands as a result of declining population growth / by William J. Serow 1979 15
Malthus in the Netherlands : the reception of his essays during the 19th century / by I. Hogen Esch 1980 16
Multiregional population analysis for urban and regional planning / by Frans Willekens ... 1980 17
Multiregional population analysis for urban and regional planning / by Frans Willekens 1981 18
Multidimensional population analysis with incomplete data / by Frans Willekens 1981 19
Nuptiality tables for the female population of the Netherlands, 1978 : an application of multidimensional demography / by Santo Koesoebjono 1981 20
Population policy in the context of low fertility, structural change and energy constraints / by C. J. O'Neill 1981 21
Dynamics of multiregional population systems : a mathematical analysis of the growth path / by Frans Willekens and Dimiter Philipov 1981 22
The relationship between socio-economic position and infant and childhood mortality in the Netherlands in the period 1850-1940 / F. van Poppel 1981 23
Costs of maternity leave in the Netherlands, 1977 : an exploratory study / by Santo Koesoebjono 1981 24
On the development of the Dutch urbanization pattern between 1930 and 1971 / by Gerard Hoekveld 1981 25
Population policy in Western Europe: between freedom, equality and solidarity / by D.J. van de Kaa 1981 26
Validation of population projection models illustrated bey the case of the Netherlands / by Nico Keilman 1982 29
The decrease in the age at first marriage in the Netherlands after the Second World War analysis : a log-linear analysis / Frans van Poppel and Frans Willekens 1982 31
Estimation of directional migration flows from limited data : methods and application / P. S. Nair 1982 32
Nuptiality models and the two-sex problem in national population forecasts-with an emphasis on the Netherlands / by Nico Keilman 1982 34
A note on long-linear modelling of rates and proportions / by Frans Willekens and Mohammed Rafiq Shah 1983 36
Trends of one-person households in the Netherlands, 1960 - 1978 : a demographic analysis / by Santo Koesoebjono 1983 37
Analysis of the temporal stability of migration patterns in the context ofmultiregional forecasting / by Nazli Baydar 1983 38
Differential Fertility in the Netherlands : an overview of long-term trends with Special reference to the post-World War I marriage cohorts / F. W. A. van Poppel 1983 39
Forecasting place-to-place migration with generalized linear models (GLM) : an application to urbanization in the Netherlands / by Frans Willekens and Nazli Baydar 1983 42
An evaluation of recent Indonesian transmigration programmes / Ton van der Wijst 1983 43
Age-period-cohort models for forecasting fertility / by Frans Willekens and Nazli Baydar 1984 45
Internal and external consistency in multimensional population projection models / by Nico Keilman 1984 46
Comparability of migration : utopia or reality? / Frans Willekens 1984 47
Operational multiregional demography in developing countries : an application to Thailand / by Willem L. Doeve 1984 48
Measuring the accurancy of population projections : an evaluation of Keyfitz's concept of "quality of prediction" / by Anton C. Kuijsten 1984 49
Spatial population analysis using movement data and accounting methods : theory, models, the "MOVE" computer program and examples / Philip Rees 1984 50
Multiregional demographic research in the German Democratic Republic / Hartmut Usbeck 1985 51
Levels of orphanhood and measurement of adult mortality in populations of the past : the case of the Netherlands (The Hague, 1850 - 1880) / Frans van Poppel and Johannes D. Bartlema 1985 52
The marital status life table / by Frans Willekens 1984 53
Fertility in the Netherlands Antilles : its history and future expectations / Hans van Leusden and Hein G. Moors 1985 55
Fertility-migration interdependence during demographic transition : Costa Rica ; 1959 - 1973 / by Erik Klijzing 1985 56
Marriage and marriage dissolution in China : a marital status life table analysis / by Zeng Yi 1985 57
Multiregional demography / by Frans Willekens 1985 59
Demographic research and spatial policy : a progress report / by Frans Willekens and Henk ter Heide 1985 61
Migration and development : a micro-perspective / by Frans Willekens 1985 62
Analysis of migration histories : with special reference to the ESCAP national migration surveys / by Nazli Baydar 1985 63
Family policy in the Netherlands asa determinant of fertility intentions : changing attitudes and effect / by Hein G. Moors 1985 64
Short prospective birth intervals and child health / by Ties Boerma 1985 65
Indicators of marriage and marriage dissolution of the female population of Curacao, 1960 - 1962, 1970 - 1972, and 1980 - 1981 : a multidimensional analysis / Hans van Leusden 1985 66
Economic and social implications of ageing in the Netherlands / Ton van der Wijst and Frans van Poppel 1985 67
On the estimation of multidimensional demographic models with population registration data / by Nico Keilman and Richard Gill 1986 68
Hierarchical destination choice : discussion with evidence from migration in the Netherlands / by A. Stewart Fotheringham 1987 69
The family status life table : an extension of Bongaarts' nuclear family model / by Yi, Zeng 1987 70
Household trends in Eastern Europe since World War II / by Krzysztof Link 1987 71
A dynamic householdprojection model : an application of multidimensional demography to lifestyles in the Netherlands / by Nico Keilman and Jan van Dam 1987 72
Migration of the elderly in the Netherlands / by Dick Vergoossen and Frans Willekens 1987 73
Developments in the age structure of the labour force by industry and by occupation : an international comparison for some selected countries of the Economic Commission for Europe / by Ton van der Wijst 1987 74
Recent and future changes in the age structure of the Dutch working population : by industrial division and by occupational group / by Ton van der Wijst 1987 75