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Place / Publishing House:Oulu : Univ. [u.a.], 1972-1986
Publication history:1.1972 - 57.1986
Contents/pieces:50 records
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Studies on slime forming group N streptococcus strains / Raili Forsén ... ...
Enzymes of collagen biosynthesis in diseases of the liver and connective tissues : changes in prolyl hydroxylase and galactosylhydroxylysyl glucosyltransferase in serum and tissues / Eeva-Riitta Savolainen 1979 26
Transport and metabolism of taurine and hypotaurine in the brain : with special reference to the synaptic function of taurine / Pirjo Kontro 1980 27
Lysyl hydroxylase : purification and characterization of the enzyme from chick embryos and human tissues / Taina Turpeenniemi-Hujanen 1981 33
Collagen glucosyltransferase : purification and characterization of the enzyme from chick embryos / Raili Myllylä 1976 44
Purification and properties of a cathepsin B1-like benzoylarginine 2-naphthylamide hydrolase and its tissue inhibitors from rat skin / Mikko Järvinen 1976 45
Effects of chlorpromazine, morphine and colchicine on amino acid and protein metabolism in the brain of the chicken embryos : With special reference to cerebral histones / V. Juhani Jokisalo 1976 46
Prolyl hydroxylase : purification and characterization of the chick and human enzymes and the relationship between the enzyme activity and the immunologically cross-reacting protein / Leena Tuderman 1976 47
Studies on lysyl hydroxylase / Lasse Ryhänen 1977 48
Collagen hydroxylysyl glycosyltransferases : presence and regulation of the enzyme activities in chick embryo and human tissues and further characterization of chick embryo collagen glucosyltransferase / Henrik Anttinen 1977 51
Collagen biosynthesis in isolated chick-embryo tendon and cartilage cells / Aarne Oikarinen 1977 52
Intracellular enzymes of collagen biosynthesis in the liver : effects of age, hepatic injury and prednisolone treatment in the rat, and the influence of liver disease on serum immunoreactive prolyl4-hydroxylase in rats and humans / Juha Risteli 1977 55
Collagen galactosyltransferase : partial purification and characterization of the chick enzyme and changes in enzyme activity during embryo development / Leila Risteli 1977 56
Glomeruli and their basement membrane in the normal human kidney and in congenital nephrotic syndrome of the Finnish type / Karl Tryggvason 1977 57
Studies on myocardial energy metabolism : the regulation of glycolysis, pyruvate dehydrogenase, citric acid cycle and mitochondrial respiratory chain and metabolic effects of pent-4-enoate in isolated perfused rat heart / Kalervo Hiltunen 1977 58
Studies on the pathogenesis of ethanol-induced fatty liver in the rat : role of hormonal counter-regulation, hepatic fatty acid synthesis and triacylglycerol synthesis regulation and mechanism for the preventive action of clofibrate / Markku Savolainen 1977 59
Regulation of carbohydrate metabolism during ethanol oxidation in the rat : role of cyclic AMP, insulin, glucagon and ethanol metabolites in the acute effects of ethanol on hepatic metabolism and the adaptation of gluconeogenesis during long-term ethanol intake / Pekka Jauhonen 1978 65
Endocrinological factors and trace metals in normal and abnormal growth of the human prostate / Geoffrey L. Hammond 1978 69
Polyamine metabolism in mouse brain : interrelations between cerebral polyamines and gammaaminobutyric acid / Antti Pajunen 1979 79
Biogenic monoamines and cold exposure tolerance in guinea-pigs / Pirkko Huttunen 1979 80
Effect of cerium and praseodymium on drug metabolizing enzymes in rat liver / Pentti Arvela 1979 84
Immunochemical identification and demonstration of bacterial capsular polysaccharides / Maija Leinonen 1980 96
Metabolism and function of brain amino acids and proteins in health and disease : National Meeting of Neurochemistry, Oulanka 6 - 8 June 1980, Kuusamo, Finland / ed. by P. Lähdesmäki ... 1980 97
Progestin receptors in the rabbit uterus : cytosol and nuclear receptor concentrations and their relationship to biological responsiveness / Veli Isomaa 1981 108
Uteroglobin : a biochemical marker of progesterone action in the rabbit uterus / Tuula Torkkeli 1981 109
Effect of work load and aortic pressure on protein synthesis, amino acid metabolism and glucose utilization in heart muscle / Timo Takala 1981 115
The regulation of uteroglobin mRNA activity by steroid hormones in the rabbit uterus / Helena Kopu 1981 119
Macromolecular composition of liver nuclei and histones during bovine ontogeny with special reference to H1 histones / Kaija H. Volkonen 1981 123
Interaction of amino acids with synaptic membranes / Elsa Kumpulainen 1981 126
Interrelations between Gamma-aminobutyric acid and polyamines in nervous tissue / Seppo Lapinjoki 1982 128
Lysine hydroxylation in the biosynthesis of collagen : catalytic properties and reaction mechanism of lysyl hydroxylase, and some aspects of regulation / Ulla Puistola 1982 132
Regulation of proline 3-hydoxylation and 4-hydroxylation in collagen biosynthesis 1982 133
Regulation of the tricarboxylic acid cycle pool size in heart muscle / Keijo Peuhkurinen 1982 137
Interrelationships between coronary blood flow, cellular respiration, redox state and energy state in isolated perfused heart / E. Matti Nuutinen 1982 138
Regulation of progestin action by antiestrogens, danazol and progestins in human and rabbit uterine tissues / Eeli Kokko 1983 140
Purification and characterization of cysteine sulfinate decarboxylase from calf brain / Aimo Heinämäki 1983 145
A. I. Virtanen in the history of fermentation research / Jaakko Mäki 1983 146
Isolation and characterization of rat ovarian lutropin receptor and preparation of a specific antiserum / Kalervo Metsikkö 1983 147
Mitochondrial transmembrane chemical and electrical gradients in the intact myocardium / Risto Kauppinen 1983 157
Regulatory aspects of polyamine metabolism in mouse brain / Oili Hietala 1984 158
Sequence determination of the chicken ovo-mucoid gene and several chicken U1 RNA loci : analysis of these sequences with respect to evolution, RNA processing and sequence composition / Paula Kristo 1984 161
Regulation of type I procollagen gene expression in fibroblasts : effect of cortisol and role of RNA degradation / Jouko Oikarinen 1984 162
Aminoterminal propeptide of type III procollagen and basement membrane related antigens in alcoholic liver disease / Onni Niemelä 1985 165
Human lysyl oxidase and its deficiency in type IX of the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and in the Menkes syndrome / Helena Kuivaniemi 1985 166
Medroxyprogesterone acetate and drug metabolism in normal and chemically damaged rat liver / Hannu Saarni 1985 167
Studies on the virulence plasmids of Yersinia species / Mikael Skurnik 1985 169
Type three III procollagen N-proteinase : purification of the enzyme and the cleavage process in type VII of the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome / Ritva Halila 1985 170
Basement membrane (Type IV) collagen specific collagenase : purification, characterization and association with cellular proliferation and transformation / Tuula Salo 1985 171
Human placental xenobiotic and steroid biotransformations catalyzed by cytochrome P-450 : a methodolog. approach / Markku Pasanen 1986 176
Antizyme in the regulation of mouse brain ornithine decarboxylase / Päivi Laitinen 1986 177