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Studies on Pakistan reptiles / Walter Auffenberg and Hafeezur Rehman ...
The reptile tick Aponomma gervaisi (Acarina: ixodidae) as a parasite of monitor lizards in Pakistan and India / Walter Auffenberg ; Troy Auffenberg 1990 35,1
Taphonomy of the large vertebrate fauna from the Thomas farm locality (miocene, hemingfordian), Gilchrist County, Florida / Ann E. Pratt 1990 35,2
Post-miocene species of Latirus Montfort, 1810 (Mollusca: fasciolariidae) of southern Florida : with a review of regional marine biostratigraphy / William G. Lyons 1991 35,3
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Geographic variation of lean body mass and a model of its effect on the capacity of the raccoon to fatten and fast / John N. Mugaas and John Seidensticker 1993 36,3
Reproductive strategies of female Didelphis / Melvin E. Sunquist and John F. Eisenberg 1993 36,4
Land snails of the genus Coelocentrum from northeastern México / Fred G. Thompson and Alfonso Correa 1994 36,5
The wing of Titanis Walleri (Aves: Phorsurhacidae) from the late blancan of Florida / Robert M. Chandler 1994 36,6
The crown conch (Melongena: Melongenidae) in Florida and Alabama with the discription of Melongena spucecreekensis, n. sp. / John K. Tucker 1994 36,7
Paleontology and geology of the Leisey Shell Pits, early Pleistocene of Florida / Richard C. Hulbert, jr. ... vol. eds. 37
Natural history of the Katharine Ordway Preserve Swisher Memorial Sanctuary, Putnam County, Florida / John F. Eisenberg ... vol. ed. 1995 38,1-9
Chewing lice (Mallophage) from birds in Florida : a listing by host / Donald J. Forrester ... 1995 39,1
New and little known land snails of the family Spiraxidae from central America and Mexico (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) / Fred G. Thompson 1995 39,2
Pliocene mammals from Inchasi, Bolivia : the endemic fauna just before the great American interchange / Federico Anaya and Bruce J. MacFadden 1995 39,3
Ecology of white-tailed deer in Eastern Everglades National Park : an overview / Tommy R. Smith ... 1996 39,4
The diet of the Florida panther in Everglades National Park, Florida / George H. Dalrymple and Oron L. Bass 1996 39,5
Body mass and skull measurements in four jaguar populations and observations on their prey base / Rafael Hoogesteijn and Edgardo Mondolfi 1996 39,6
Vertiginid land snails from Thailand (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Pupilloidea) / Fred G. Thompson and Suchart Upatham 1997 39,7
The comparative ecology of bobcat, black bear, and Florida panther in South Florida / David Steffen Maehr 1997 40,1
Fossil history of the panther (Puma concolor) and the cheetah-like cat (Miracinonyx inexpectatus) in Florida / Gary S. Morgan and Kevin L. Seymour 1997 40,2
The Florida panther, Puma concolor coryi : a morphological investigation of the subspecies with a comparison to other North and South American cougars / Laurie Wilkins ... 1997 40,3
Wildlife in southern Everglades wetlands invaded by Melaleuca (Melaleuca quinquenervia) / Nancy K. O'Hare and George H. Dalrymple 1997 41,1
Reproduction in the Suwannee cooter, Pseudemys concinna suwanniensis / Dale R. Jackson and Robert N. Walker 1997 41,2
A classification and ordination of the tree community of Tikal National Park, Petén, Guatemala / Mark D. Schulze and David F. Whitacre 1999 41,3
Ungulates of the Toledo Bend local fauna (late Arikareean, early Miocene), Texas coastal plain / L. Barry Albright III 1999 42,1
A new species of bass, Micropterus cataractae (Teleostei: Centrarchidae), from the Apalachicola River Basin in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia / James D. Williams and George H. Burgess 1999 42,2
The mammal species of North-Central Venezuela / John F. Eisenberg and John R. Polisar 1999 42,3
Small mammals of the Cajas Plateau, southern Ecuador : ecology and natural history / Adrian A. Barnett 1999 42,4
Occurrence of Plio-Pleistocene phosphatized macro-invertebrates from the upper west Florida slope, eastern Gulf of Mexico / Craig W. Oyen ... 2000 42,5
The Brooksville 2 local fauna (Arikareean, latest Oligocene) : Hernando County, Florida / F. Glynn Hayes 2000 43,1
Landsnails of the genus Humboldtiana from northern Mexico : (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Helicoidea, Humboldtianidae) / Fred G. Thompson and Greg P. Brewer 2000 43,2
Three-toed browsing horse, Anchitherium Clarencei : from the early Miocene (Hemingfordian) ; Thomas Farm, Florida / Bruce J. MacFadden 2001 43,3
New specimen-based records of Florida birds / Andrew W. Kratter ... 2002 43,4
Cranium of Dinohippus Mexicanus (Mammalia: Equidae) : from the early Pliocene (latest Hemphillian) of central Mexico, and the origin of Equus / Bruce J. MacFadden and Oscar Carranza-Castañeda 2002 43,5
Zooarchaeology : papers to honor Elizabeth S. Wing / F. Wayne King ..., ed. 44,1
A middle eocene fossil plant assemblage (powers clay pit) from western Tennessee / David L. Dilcher and Terry A. Lott 2005 45,1
New South American Clausiliidae from the collections of the Florida Museum of Natural History (Gastropoda, Clausiliidae, Neniinae) / Eike Neubert and Hartmut Nordsieck 2005 45,2
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Late miocene mammals from the Mauvilla local fauna, Alabama / Richard C. Hulbert Jr. and Frank C. Whitmore, Jr. 2006 46,1
Chronoclinal variation and sexual dimorphism in Mammut americanum (american mastodon) from the Pleistocene of Florida / Jeremy L. Green 2006 46,2
Some landsnails of the genus Humboldtiana from Chihuaua and western Texas / Fred G. Thompson 2006 46,3
Txonomic revision of Lake Tanganyikan Synodontis : (Siluriformes: Mochokidae) / Jeremy J. Wright and Lawrence M. Page 2006 46,4
Methods of assessing health and diet of Florida panthers (Puma concolor) using museum specimens / Laurie Wilkins ... 2007 47,3
Striated muscles of the black basses (Micropterus, Centrarchidae) : myological stasis in a generalized group of percomorph fishes / W. Calvin Bordem and Miles M. Coburn 2007 47,4
Doves (Columbidae) and cuckoos (Cuculidae) from the early Miocene of Florida / David W. Steadman 2008 48,1
Revision of the extinct Pseudoceratinae (Artiodactyla: Ruminantia: Gelocidae) / S. David Webb 2008 48,2
A review of Virbia (formerly Holomelina) of America North of Mexico (Arctiidae: Arctiinae: Arctiini) / J.M. Zaspel, S.J. Weller, and R.T. Cardé 2008 48,3
Elassoma Gilberti, a new spiecies of Pygmy sunfish (Elassomatidae) from Florida and Georgia / Franklin F. Snelson, Trevor J. Krabbenhoft, and Joseph M. Quattro 2008 48,4
A new fossil land tortoise in the genus Chelonoidis (Testudines: Testudinidae) from the northern Bahamas, with an osteological assessment of other neotropical tortoises / Richard Franz and Sheelley E. Franz 2009 49,1
Taxonomic revision of the Amphilius uranoscopus group (Teleostei: Siluriformes) in Kenya, with the description of a new species from the Athi River / Alfred W. Thomson and Lawrence M. Page 2010 49,2
A new early Pleistocene tapir (Mammalia: Perissodactyla) from Florida, with a review of Blancan tapirs from the state / Richard C. Hulbert Jr. 2010 49,3
The lichens of Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park, Florida : proceedings from the 18th Tuckerman Workshop / Robert Lücking ... 2011 49,4
An annotated checklist and bibliography of the land and freshwater snails of México and Central America / Fred G. Thompson 2011 50,1
Annotated synonymy of the recent freshwater mussel taxa of the families Margaritiferidae and Unionidae described from Florida and drainages contiguous with Alabama and Georgia / James D. Williams, Robert S. Butler, and Jason M. Wisniewski 2011 51,1
Island lists of West Indian amphibians and reptiles / Robert Powell ..., eds. 2012 51,2
The land snail genus Epirobia and allied genera in México and Central America, with the description of a new family, the Epirobiidae (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Urocoptoidea) / Fred G. Thompson 2012 51,3
Contributions from the Herpetology Conference including the All Florida Herpetological Event / Amber L. Pitt, ed. 2012 51,4
A revision of Lepophidium (Teleostei, Ophidiidae), with descriptions of eight new species / C. Richard Robins, Robert H. Robins, and Mary E. Brown 2012 52,1
The ecological energetics of birds in New Guinea / Brian K. McNab 2013 52,2
The cuban crocodile (crocodylus rhombifer) from late quaternary fossil deposits in the Bahamas and Cayman Islands / Gary S. Morgan and Nancy A. Albury 2013 52,3