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Publication history:1.1769/71 - 6.1809; N.S. 1.1818 - 66.1976; 67.1977 -
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Alhacen on the principles of reflection : a critical edition, with English translation and commentary, of book 4 and 5 of Alhacen's De aspectibus ; [the Medieval Latin version of Ibn-al-Haythams Kitāb al-Manāẓir] / Mark A. Smith ...
Alhacen on image-formation and distortion in mirrors : a critical edition, with English translation and commentary, of Book 6 of Alhacen's De aspectibus ; [the Medieval Latin version of Ibn-al-Haythams Kitāb al-Manāẓir] / A. Mark Smith ...
Alhacen's theory of visual perception : a critical edition, with English translation and commentary, of the first three books of Alhacen's De aspectibus, the medieval Latin version of Ibn al-Haytham's Kitāb al-Manāẓir / Mark A. Smith ...
The Comédie Française : plays, actors, spectators, finances / H. Carrington Lancaster ...
Supplement to the Extinct Batrachia and Reptilia of North America / by Edward D. Cope ...
Old Babylonian inscriptions chiefly from Nippur / by H. V. Hilprecht ...
The Monguors of the Kansu-Tibetan frontier / Louis M. J. Schram ...
The Mycenae tablets ...
Both English and Latin : bilingualism and biculturalism in Milton's neo-Latin writings / Estelle Haan 2012 102,1
Review of Atlantic and eastern Pacific Anthiine fishes (Teleostei: Perciformes: Serranidae), with descriptions of two new genera / William D. Anderson, Jr. ; Phillip C. Heemstra 2012 102,2
Pictograph to alphabet - and back : reconstructing the pictographic origins of the Xajil chronicle / Robert M. Hill II 2012 102,4
Circling the square : how the conquest altered the shape of time in Mesoamerica / Anthony Aveni 2012 102,5
Nino Pirrotta : an intellectual biography / Anthony M. Cummings 2013 103,1
Northern light and northern times : Swedish leadership in the foundation of biological rhythms research / Jole Shackelford 2013 103,2
The white dog sacrifice : a post-1800 rite with an ornamental use for wampum / Marshall Joseph Becker and Jonathan C. Lainey 2013 103,3
Some architects' portraits in nineteenth-century America : personifying the evolving profession / James F. O'Gorman 2013 103,4
The Attic order and the Greek Revival in America : a capital problem / Arthur S. Marks 2013 103,5
Out of Nazi Germany in time, a gift to American science : Gerhard Schmidt, biochemist / B. David Stollar 2014 104,1
The illustrated imprints of Isaiah Thomas / Barbara E. Lacey 2014 104,2
Pathways into the study of ancient sciences : selected essays / by David Pingree. Ed. by Isabelle Pingree ... 2014 104,3
A Quaker's tour of the colonial Northeast and Canada : the 1773 travel journals of Jabez Maud Fisher of Philadelphia / Jack Campisi ... eds. 2014 104,4
Transmitting a text through three languages : the future history of Galen's "Peri anomalou dyskrasias" / Gerrit Bos, Michael McVaugh, Joseph Shatzmiller 2014 104,5
Petroglyphs of Western Colorado and the Northern Ute Indian Reservation as interpreted by Clifford Duncan / Carol Patterson 2016 105,5
Edward Shaw of Boston : antebellum architect and author : an introduction / James F. O'Gorman 2016 106,2
Vergilius Redivivus : studies in Joseph Addison's Latin poetry / Estelle Haan 2005 95,2
Dashkova : a life of influence and exile / A. Worzonoff-Dashkoff 2008 1 97,3
Raising Kane : Elisha Kent Kane and the culture of fame in antebellum America / Mark Metzler Sawin 2008 98,3
Choosing selection : the revival of natural selection in Anglo-American evolutionary biology, 1930 - 1970 / Stephen G. Brush 2009 99,3
Astronomical observations made at Hudson Observatory, latitude 41° 14' 42".6, north, and longitude 5h. 25m. 39s.5, west. : third series ; read November 15, 1844 / by Elias Loomis 1853 N.S.,10,1
On the decomposing power of water at high temperatures : read August 20, 1847 / by Richard A. Tilghman 1853 N.S.,10,10
On the neutral sulphate of the oxide of ethyle, and the products of its decomposition by water : read July 21, 1848 / by Charles M. Wetherill 1853 N.S.,10,11
De calculo eclipsium Besseliano commentatio : read Feb. 2d, 1849 / Auctore Gustavo Adolpho Jahn 1853 L N.S.,10,12
On the longitud of Washington : computed from the moon-culminations observed during the years 1839 - 1842 inculsive ; read April 20th, 1849 / by J. M. Gilliss 1853 N.S.,10,13
On the Accuracy of the tabular longitude of the moon : to be obtained by the construction of new Lunar tables ; read January 3, 1851 / by Miers Fisher Longstreth 1853 N.S.,10,14
On the organization of the genus gregarina of Dufour : read January 3, 1851 / by Joseph Leidy 1853 N.S.,10,15
Some observations on Nematoidea imperfecta, and decriptions of three Parasitic infusoriæ / by Joseph Leidy 1853 N.S.,10,16
Meteorological observations, Napa-Keang, (Loo-Choo,) 1848 - 49 : read Jan. 16th, 1852 / made by Bettelheim 1853 N.S.,10,17
Descriptions of new species of the family Unionidæ : read March 5th, 1852 / by Isaac Lea 1853 N.S.,10,18
Descriptions of new genus (Basistoma,) of the family Melaniana, together with some new species of American Melaniæ : read March 5th, 1852 / by Isaac Lea 1853 N.S.,10,19
Supplementary note on the construction and different forms of the magic cyclovolute : read December 6, 1844 / by E. Nulty 1853 N.S.,10,2
Descriptions of a new species of Helix, from California, and a new characteristic form of certain American Colimaceæ : read March 5th, 1852 / by Isaac Lea 1853 N.S.,10,20
On the fossil foot-marks in the red sandstones of Pottsville, Schuylkill Country, Penna : read April 2d, 1852 / by Isaac Lea 1853 N.S.,10,21
Description of an extinct species of American Lion : Felis Atrox : read May 7, 1852 / by Joseph Leidy 1853 N.S.,10,22
A memoir on the extinct Dicotylinæ of America : read May 21, 1852 / by Joseph Leidy 1853 N.S.,10,23
Chemical examination of two minerals from the neighbourhood of reading, Pa. : and on the occurrence of gold in Pennsylvania / by Charles M. Wetherill 1853 N.S.,10,24
On a new variety of asphalt : (melan-asphalt) ; read July 16, 1852 / by Charles M. Wetherill 1853 N.S.,10,25
On the decomposition of the alkaline sulphates by hydrochloric acid and chlorine : read June 18, 1852 / by R. A. Tilghman 1853 N.S.,10,26
Notes on the classification of the Carabidæ of the United States : read March 18, 1853 / by John L. Le Conte 1853 N.S.,10,27
Revision of the Elateridæ of the United States : read October 21st, 1853 / by John L. Le Conte 1853 N.S.,10,28
Materials towards a history of the Coleoptera Longicornia of the United States : read January 17, 1845 / by S. S. Haldeman 1853 N.S.,10,3
Description of new fresh water and land shells : read May 2d,, 1845 / by Isaac Lea 1853 N.S.,10,4
Memoir explanator of a New Perpetual Calendar, Civil and Ecclesiastical, Julian and Gregorian : read August 15, 1845 / by William McIlvaine 1853 N.S.,10,5
On the Corpus Luteum : read January 15th, 1847 / by Ch. D. Meigs 1853 N.S.,10,6
Investigations which led to the detection of the coincidence between the computed place of the Planet Leverrier, and the observed place of a Star recorded by Lalande, in May, 1795 : read February 19th, 1847 / by Sears C. Walker 1853 N.S.,10,7
Memoir on the reproduction of the opossum : Didelphis Virginiana ; read March 19, 1847 / by Ch. D. Meigs 1853 N.S.,10,8
On some of the results of a series of experiments relative to different parts of Gunnery : read June 19th, 1846 / by Robert F. Stockton 1853 N.S.,10,9
Sporting with the classics : the latin poetry of William Dillingham / Estelle Haan 2010 N.S.,100,1
Learning Greek in Western Europe, 1396 - 1529 : grammars, lexica, and classroom texts / Paul Botley 2010 N.S.,100,2
Alhacen on refraction : a critical edition, with English translation and commentary, of book 7 of Alhacen's De aspectibus ; [the medieval Latin version of Ibn al-Haytham's Kitāb al-Manāẓir] / A. Mark Smith N.S.,100,3
Johann Schöner's globe of 1515 : transcription and study / Chet Van Duzer 2010 N.S.,100,5
The bookrunner : a history of inter-American relations ; print, politics, and commerce in the United States and Mexico, 1800 - 1830 / Nancy Vogeley 2011 N.S.,101,1
Treason on trial in revolutionary Pennsylvania : the case of John Roberts, Miller / David W. Maxey 2011 N.S.,101,2
Peiresc's history of Provence : antiquarianism and the discovery of a medieval Mediterraean / Peter N. Miller 2011 N.S.,101,3
Figuring history / by Lionel Gossman 2011 N.S.,101,4
Kronos, Shiva, & Asklepios : studies in magical gems and religions of the Roman Empire / Attilio Mastrocinque 2011 N.S.,101,5
History of Alexander the Great / Johann Gustav Droysen. Translated from the German by Flora Kimmich 2012 N.S.,102,3
On adipocire, and its formation / by Charles M. Wetherill 1860 N.S.,11,1
Notes on certain modes of measuring minute intervals of time : [read, February 6, 1857] / by J. C. Adamson 1860 N.S.,11,10
Della correlazione delle forze chimiche colla rifrangibilita delle irradiazioni : di zantedeschi ; esperimenti eseguiti col calorico solare ; [read, November 20th, 1857] 1860 N.S.,11,11
Geological sketch of the estuary and fresh water deposit of the Bad Lands of the Judith, with some remarks upon the surrounding formations : read March 4th, 1859 / by F. V. Hayden 1860 N.S.,11,12
Extinct vertebrata from the Judith River and great lignite formations of Nebraska / by Joseph Leidy 1860 N.S.,11,13
A sketch of the botany of the basin of the Great Salt Lake of Utah / by E. Durand 1860 N.S.,11,14
Observations of the magnetic dip in the United States / by Elias Loomis 1860 N.S.,11,15
Revision of the Buprestidæ of the United States : read October 21st, 1859 / by John L. Le Conte 1860 N.S.,11,16
Analytic orthography : an investigation of the sounds of the voice, and their alphabetic notation ; read Oct. 7th, 1859 / by S. S. Haldeman 1860 N.S.,11,17
Revision of the Cicindelæ of the United States : read, February 1st, 1856 / by John L. Le Conte 1860 N.S.,11,2
On a new genus of Boidæ from Cuba : read April 4, 1856 / by Edw. Hallowell 1860 N.S.,11,3
Notice of some new and rare species of Scincidæ in the Collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia : [read, June 20, 1856] / by Edward Hallowell 1860 N.S.,11,4
Notice of remains of the Walrus discovered on the coast of the United States : [read, June 20, 1856] / by Joseph Leidy 1860 N.S.,11,5
Descriptions of the remains of fishes from the Carboniferous Limestone of Illiois and Missouri : [read, July 18, 1856] / by Joseph Leidy 1860 N.S.,11,6
Remarks on Saurocephalus and its allies : [read, November 21, 1856] / by Joseph Leidy 1860 N.S.,11,7
Observations on the extinct Peccary of North America : being a sequel to "A memoir on the extinct Dicotylinæ of America" ; [read, November 21, 1856] / by Joseph Leidy 1860 N.S.,11,8
Remarks on the Structure of the feet of Megalonyx : [read, Dec. 19, 1856] / by Joseph Leidy 1860 N.S.,11,9
On the geology and natural history of the Upper Missouri : read July 19th, 1861 / by F. V. Hayden 1863 N.S.,12,1
Wxperiments and observations upon the circulation in the snapping turtle (Chelonura serpentina), wirh especial reference to the pressure of the blood in the arteries and veins : read October 18th, 1861 / by S. Weir Mitchell 1863 N.S.,12,2
Contributions to the ethnography and philology of the Indian tribes of the Missouri Valley / by F. V. Hayden 1863 N.S.,12,3
Intellectual symbolism : a basis for science ; read, December 5th 1862 / by Pliny Earle Chase 1863 N.S.,12,4
On Californian Mosses : read June 19th, 1863 / by Leo Lesquereux 1869 N.S.,13,1
On Fucoides in the coal formations : read May 18th, 1866 / by Leo Lesquereux 1869 N.S.,13,10
Notes upon the geology of some portions of Minnesota, from St. Paul to the Western part of the State : read June 15, 1866 / by James Hall 1869 N.S.,13,11
A contribution to the knowledge of the flora of the coal period in the United States : read September 21, 1866 / by Horatio C. Wood, Jr. 1869 N.S.,13,12
Synopsis of the Cyprinidæ of Pennsylvania : read Oct. 19, 1866 / by Edward D. Cope 1869 N.S.,13,13
On spesies of fossil plants from the tertiary of the State of Mississippi / by Leo Lesquereux 1869 N.S.,13,14
On the Phalangia and Pedipalpi collectede by professor Opton in Western South America : with the description of New African species, accompanied with a plate / by Horatio C. Wood, Jr. 1869 N.S.,13,15
Remarks on thirteen new species of Crinoidea from the Palæozoic rocks of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, and a description of certain peculiarities in the structure of the columns of dolatocrinus, and their attachment to the body of the animal / by Sidney S. Lyon 1869 N.S.,13,16
On the mathematical probability of accidental linguistic resemblances : read September 18, 1863 / by Pliny Earle Chase 1869 N.S.,13,2
On the comparative etymology of the Yoruba language : read September 18, 1863 / by Pliny Earle Chase 1869 N.S.,13,3
Thoughts on the influence of ether in the solar system : its relations to the zodiacal light, comets, the seasons, and periodical shooting stars ; read May 20, 1864 / by Alexander Wilcocks 1869 N.S.,13,4
On new Mosses : read December 16, 1864 / by Thomas P. James 1869 N.S.,13,5
On the numerical relations of gravity and magnetism : [Magellanic Premium awarded, December 16, 1864] / by Pliny Earle Chase 1869 N.S.,13,6
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