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Place / Publishing House:Göteborg : Åström, 1987-
Publication history:49.1987 -
Contents/pieces:40 records
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Acta Cypria : acts of an International Congress on Cypriote Archaeology held in Göteborg on 22 - 24 August 1991 / ed. by Paul Åström
High, middle or low? : acts of an International Colloquium on Absolute Chronology held at the University of Gothenburg 20th - 22nd August 1987 / ed. by Paul Åström
Per terram, per mare : seaborne trade and the distribution of Roman amphorae in the Mediterranean ; [international conference, 12-15 April, 2013, Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus] / ed. by Stella Demesticha 2015 180
The ceramics industry of Roman Sikyon : a technological study / by Conor P. Trainor 2015 181
Myth, drama and style in South Italian vase-painting : selected papers / by A.D. Trendall ; edited by Ian McPhee 2016 182
Maritime transport containers in the Bronze-Iron Age Aegean and Eastern Mediterrranean / edited by Stella Demesticha and A. Bernard Knapp 2016 183
Ancient Cyprus today : museum collections and new research / edited by Giorgos Bourogiannis and Christian Mühlenbock 2016 184
Text and the material world : essays in honour of Graeme Clarke / edited by Elizabeth Minchin and Heather Jackson 2017 185
Structures of inequality on Bronze Age Cyprus : studies in honour of Alison K. South / edited by Linda Hulin, Lindy Crewe and Jennifer M. Webb 2018 187
Die Askoi in der Bronzezeit : eine typologische Studie zur Entwicklung askoider Gefäßformen in der Bronze- und Eisenzeit Griechenlands und angrenzender Gebiete / von Peter Misch 1992 PB,100
Untersuchungen zur handgemachten Keramik Griechenlands in der submykenischen, protogeometrischen und der geometrischen Zeit / von Karl Reber 1991 PB,105
Pedestalled offering tables in the Aegean world / by Lefteris Platon ; Yannis Pararas 1991 PB,106
The twilight of the Early Helladics : a study of the disturbances in east-central and southern Greece towards the end of the Early Bronze Age / by Jeannette Forsén 1992 PB,116
The role and development of metallurgy in the late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age of Greece / Veronica McGeehan Liritzis 1996 PB,122
Male or female? : a methodological study of grave gifts as sex-indicators in Iron Age burials from Athens / by Agneta Strömberg 1993 PB,123
Late Bronze Age settlement in Cyprus : function and relationship / Paul Åström ... (eds.) 1996 PB,126
Mycenaean Athens / P. A. Mountjoy 1995 PB,127
Trade and production in premonetary Greece - aspects of trade : proceedings of the Third International Workshop, Athens 1993 / ed. by Carole Gillis ; Christina Risberg and Birgitta Sjöberg 1995 PB,134
Fishing in the prehistoric Aegean / by Judith Powell 1996 PB,137
The late Helladic pottery from Prosymna / by Kim S. Shelton 1996 PB,138
Minoan religion : a bibliography / compiled by Inger Marie Ruud 1996 PB,141
Trade and production in premonetary Greece : production and the craftsman ; proceedings of the 4th and 5th international workshops, Athens 1994 and 1995 / ed. by Carole Gillis ... 1997 PB,143
Music in the Aegean Bronze Age / by John G. Younger 1998 PB,144
Trade and production in premonetary Greece : acquisition and distribution of raw materials and finished products ; proceedings of the 6th International Workshop in Athens 1996 / ed by Carole Gillis ... 2000 PB,154
Minoan architecture : a contextual analysis / Louise A. Hitchcock 2000 PB,155
Peak sanctuaries and sacred caves in Minoan Crete : [a] comparison of artifacts / Donald W. Jones 1999 PB,156
Klavdhia-Tremithos, : a middle and late Cypriote bronze age site / Kjell Malmgren 2003 PB,159
Zyprische Fibeln : Typologie und Chronologie / von Katharina Giesen 2001 PB,161
On opium, pots, people and places : selected papers ; an honorary volume for Robert S. Merrillees 2003 PB,167
The manufacture of Minoan metal vessels: theory and practice / by Christina F. Clarke 2013 PB,178
The late Helladic I pottery of the Southwestern Peloponnesos and its local characteristics / by Yannos B. Lólos PB,50
The Aegean and the East : an investigation into the transference of artistic motifs between the Aegean, Egypt, and the Near East in the Bronze Age / by Janice L. Crowley 1989 PB,51
Bronzework of mainland Greece from c. 2600 B.C. to c. 1450 B.C. / by D. N. Tripathi 1988 PB,69
Minoan religion as ritual action / Peter Warren 1988 PB,72
Hittite history and absolute chronology of the Bronze Age / by Michael C. Astour 1989 PB,73
Ritual architecture, iconography and practice in the late Cypriot Bronze Age / Jennifer M. Webb 1999 PB,75
Archaeological survey at Aghia Photia, Siteia / Metaxia Tsipopoulou 1989 PB,76
Untersuchungen zur Struktur des Reiches von Pylos : die Stellung der Ortschaften im Lichte der Linear B-Texte / von Eftychia Stavrianopoulou 1989 PB,77
Hellenorientalia : the Near Eastern presence in the Bronze Age Aegean, ca. 3000 - 1100 B.C. ; interconnections based on the material record and the written evidence 1990 PB,95
The influence of Middle Minoan pottery on the Cyclades / by Angelia G. Papagiannopoulou 1991 PB,96