Historical, Indo-European, and Lexicographical Studies : : A Festschrift for Ladislav Zgusta on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday / / ed. by Hans H. Hock.

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Year of Publication:2011
Edition:Reprint 2011
Series:Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs [TiLSM] , 90
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Other title:I-IV --
Contents --
Introduction --
Publications of Ladislav Zgusta --
I. Indo-European and general historical linguistic studies --
Nexus and 'extraclausality' in Vedic, or 'sa-figé' all over again: A historical (re)examination --
Some archaisms in the Iliad --
The origin and evolution of primary derivative suffixes in Dravidian --
Ex Oriente nox --
Indo-European religion --
Archaism and innovation in Proto-Celtic? --
On Old Persian hypocoristics in -iya- --
Some problems of Latin adverbs --
Hittite telipuri- 'district, precinct' --
Lexical archaisms in the Tocharian languages --
II. Papers on lexicography and history of linguistics --
Corrections and additions to the Ossetic etymological dictionary --
More on the Diccionario Griego-Español --
Uphill with Dasypodius: On the lexicographic treatment of weak nouns in German --
The gnosiological and dianoetic aspects of language and the limitedness of G. B. Vico's theory --
Re-constructing ideology, Part one: Animadversions of John Home Tooke on the origins of affixes and non-designative words --
Greek maulistērion and its group: A lexicographical essay --
The vocabulary of culture: A potential method of contrastive description --
The lexical Semitisms of Septuagint Greek as a reflex of the history of the Hebrew vocabulary: Implications concerning lexical diachrony and historical lexicography --
Printed language dictionaries and their standardization: Notes on the progress toward a general theory of lexicography --
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Statement of Responsibility: ed. by Hans H. Hock.