Plaster Casts : : Making, Collecting and Displaying from Classical Antiquity to the Present / / ed. by Rune Frederiksen, Eckart Marchand.

This volume originates from an international conference (Oxford University, 2007). Texts address plaster casts and related themes from antiquity to the present day, and from Egypt to America, Mexico and New Zealand. They are of interest to classical archaeologists, art historians, the history of col...

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Other title:Frontmatter --
Table of Contents --
Introduction --
Antiquity --
Plaster Casts in Antiquity --
The Baiae Casts and the Uniqueness of Roman Copies --
The Renaissance --
Plaster and Plaster Casts in Renaissance Italy --
“Giving away the moulds will cause no damage to his Majesty’s casts” – New Documents on the Vienna Jüngling and the Sixteenth-Century Dissemination of Casts after the Antique in the Holy Roman Empire --
“Makinge of moldes for the walles” – The Stuccoes of Nonsuch: materials, methods and origins --
Making and Distribution from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century --
“Moulded from the best originals of Rome” – Eighteenth-Century Production and Trade of Plaster Casts after Antique Sculpture in Germany --
Laocoön in Scandinavia – Uses and Workshops 1587 onwards --
How the Smiths Made a Living --
Artists’ Academies --
Plaster Casts and Memory Technique: Nicolas Vleughels’ display of cast collections after the antique in the French Academy in Rome (1725–1793) --
Incorporating Antiquity – The Berlin Academy of Arts’ Plaster Cast Collection from 1786 until 1815: acquisition, use and interpretation --
Art and Pedagogy in the Plaster Cast Collection of the Academia de San Carlos in Mexico City --
Artists’ Workshops --
Picturing the Use, Collecting and Display of Plaster Casts in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Artists’ Studios in Antwerp and Brussels --
Modern Sculpture in the Making: Antonio Canova and plaster casts --
Chantrey and the Original Models --
Live Body Moulding and Maternal Devotion in Marcello’s Studio --
Shattering the Mould: Medardo Rosso and the poetics of plaster --
“Impressionism Solidified” – Umberto Boccioni’s Works in Plaster and the Definition of Modernity in Sculpture --
Outside In: the after-life of the plaster cast in contemporary culture --
Inside Out: a process for production --
Conservation --
The Plaster Decoration of the Choir Screens in the Church of Our Lady in Halberstadt: a current conservation project --
The Restoration of Two Plaster Casts Acquired by Velázquez in the Seventeenth Century: the Hercules and Flora Farnese --
The Contribution of Plaster Sculptures and Casts to Successful Conservation Interventions at the National Gallery of Greece, Athens --
Architectural Models and Collections after Gems --
Plaster Models and Plaster Casts of Classical Architecture and its Decoration --
A Dactyliotheca by James Tassie and Other Collections of Gem Impressions at the University of Göttingen --
A Munificent Gift: cast collections of gem impressions from the Sir Henry Wellcome Trust --
Casting Nations: The National Museum --
“The Question of Casts” – Collecting and Later Reassessment of the Cast Collections at South Kensington --
The Reproductive Continuum: plaster casts, paper mosaics and photographs as complementary modes of reproduction in the nineteenth-century museum --
Plaster Casts and Postcards: the postcard edition of the Musée de Sculpture Comparée at Paris --
More Valuable than Originals? The Plaster Cast Collection in the National Museum of Prague (1818–2008): its history and predecessors --
Building a Small Albertinum in Moscow: the correspondence between Georg Treu and Ivan Tsvetaev --
Cast Collecting in the United States --
Colonial Contexts: the changing meanings of the cast collection of the Auckland War Memorial Museum --
Display and the Future of Plaster Casts --
Sir John Soane’s Casts as Part of his Academy of Architecture at 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields --
The Museum as a Manifesto of Taste and Ideology: the twentieth-century plaster cast collection of archaeology and art at the University of Padua --
Living with Plaster Casts --
Le jardin des plâtres: un autre regard sur les collections de moulages --
Summary:This volume originates from an international conference (Oxford University, 2007). Texts address plaster casts and related themes from antiquity to the present day, and from Egypt to America, Mexico and New Zealand. They are of interest to classical archaeologists, art historians, the history of collecting, curators, conservators, collectors and artists. Articles explore the functions, status and reception of plaster casts in artists’ workshops and in private and public collections, as well as hands-on issues, such as the making, trading, display and conservation of plaster casts. Case-studies on artists’ use of material and technique include ancient Roman copyists, Renaissance sculptors and painters, Dutch 17th-century workshops, Canova, Boccioni and others. A second theme is the role of plaster casts in the history of collecting from the Renaissance to the present day.Several papers address the dissemination of visual ideas, models and ideals through the medium. Papers on modern and contemporary art illuminate the changing uses and semantic values of plaster casts in this period. Amongst the types of casts discussed are artists’ models and final works as well as casts after antiquities, including sculpture, architecture and gems (dactyliothecae). The volume demonstrates the richness of the field, both in terms of the material itself and modern scholarship concerned with it. Conceived as a handbook for students, academics, curators and collectors, the text will form a standard work on the role of plaster casts in the history of Western sculpture.
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Statement of Responsibility: ed. by Rune Frederiksen, Eckart Marchand.