From Mahmud Kaşgari to Evliya Çelebi : : Studies in Middle Turkic and Ottoman Literatures / / Robert Dankoff.

This volume of collected essays focuses on Middle Turkic and Ottoman literature.

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Place / Publishing House:Piscataway, NJ : : Gorgias Press, , [2009]
Year of Publication:2009
Series:Analecta Isisiana: Ottoman and Turkish Studies
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Other title:Frontmatter --
Table Of Contents --
Introduction --
Part 1: Middle Turkic --
1. Qarakhanid Literature and the Beginnings of Turco-Islamic Culture --
2. On Nature in Karakhanid Literature --
3. Three Turkic Verse Cycles Relating to Inner Asian Warfare --
4. Inner Asian Wisdom Traditions in the Pre-Mongol Period --
5. Kāšhġarī on the Tribal and Kinship Organization of the Turks --
6. Kāšhġarī on the Beliefs and Superstitions of the Turks --
7. The Alexander Romance in the Dīwān Lughāt at-Turk --
8. Baraq and Burāq --
9. Middle Turkic Vulgarisms --
10. Yūsuf Khāṣṣ Ḥajib Wisdom Of Royal Glory (Kutadgu Bilig) A Turko-Islamic Mirror For Princes --
11. Textual Problems in Kutadgu Bilig --
12. Animal Traits in the Army Commander --
13. Some Notes on the Middle Turkic Glosses --
Part 2: Ottoman --
14. The Lyric in the Romance: The Use of Ghazals in Persian and Turkish Mas̱navīs --
15. The Romance of Iskender and Gülshāh --
16. Inner and Outer Oğuz in Dede Korkut --
17. The Seyahatname of Evliya Çelebi as a Literary Monument --
18. Turkic Languages and Turkish Dialects according to Evliya Çelebi --
19. The Languages of the World according to Evliya Çelebi --
20. Evliya Çelebi on the Armenian Language of Sivas in 1650 --
21. "Miġdisi": An Armenian Source for the Seyahatname --
22. Marrying a Sultana: The Case of Melek Ahmed Pasha --
23. An Unpublished Account of mum söndürmek in the Seyāḥatnāme of Evliya Chelebi --
24. Establishing the Text of Evliya Çelebi's Seyahatname: A Critique of Recent Scholarship and Suggestions for the Future --
25. "Shall We Tear Down That Observatory?" Evliya Çelebi and Philology --
26. Some Reflections on the Editing of Book 9 of the Seyahatname --
27. Some Reflections on the Editing of Book 10 of the Seyahatname --
28. Two Armeno-Turkish Texts: Lament for a Dead Daughter and Game of Chance --
29. "The Story of Faris and Vena": Eremya (xl obi's Turkish Version of an Old French Romance
Summary:This volume of collected essays focuses on Middle Turkic and Ottoman literature.
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