Stefan Weinfurter

Stefan Weinfurter, photographed by [[Ernst-Dieter Hehl Stefan Weinfurter (June 24, 1945 – August 27, 2018) was a German historian who researched the history of the Early and High Middle Ages.

Weinfurter held chairs in medieval history at the universities of Eichstätt (1982-1987), Mainz (1987-1994), Munich (1994-1999) and Heidelberg (1999-2013). His books, for example on the two holy emperors of the Middle Ages, Charlemagne and Henry II, on the empire in the Middle Ages or on Emperor Henry IV's road to Canossa, have been widely read. He introduced the concept of "configurations of order", which describes the coexistence and opposition of medieval orders, into the medievalist discussion. From the 1990s on, he and Bernd Schneidmüller played a leading role in almost all major medieval exhibitions in Germany. As editor of the scholarly volumes accompanying the Rhineland-Palatinate state exhibition "''Das Reich der Salier 1024-1125''" in Speyer in 1992 and through numerous other publications, Weinfurter proved himself to be one of the best experts on the era of the Salian emperors. Provided by Wikipedia
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