Hans Wagner

Hans Wagner may refer to:

* Johannes "Honus" Wagner (1874–1955), baseball player and Hall of Fame shortstop * Hans Wagner (entomologist) (1884-1949), German entomologist; see ''Trichapion'' * Hans Wagner (general) (1896–1967), German World War II general * Hans Wagner (medicine) (1905–1989), Swiss ophthalmologist * Hans Wagner (sculptor) (1905–1982), German sculptor and painter * Hans Wagner (ice hockey) (1923-2010), Austrian ice hockey player * Hans Wagner (bobsleigh) (fl. 1979), West German bobsledder * Hans Wagner (politician), West German politician and president of the Landtag of Hesse, 1974–1982 * Hans Wagner (type designer), German type designer for Ludwig & Mayer type foundry * Hans Wagner, protagonist of the 1903 musical comedy ''The Prince of Pilsen'' Provided by Wikipedia
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