Peter Toohey

Peter Toohey (born 20 April 1954) is a former Australian cricketer who played in 15 Test matches and five One Day Internationals between 1977 and 1979. Toohey was one of the cricketers who came to the fore when the bulk of Australia's top cricketers defected to Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket. During his prime playing years in the Australian Test team, some media commentators referred to Toohey as "Australia's master batsman", such was Toohey's pivotal role in the Australian team during the absence of the World Series players.

When the World Series Cricket players returned to mainstream Test cricket in 1979–80, Toohey only played two more Tests, both in the summer of 1979–80. He retired from cricket and now works in the financial sector in Brisbane. Provided by Wikipedia
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