Ernst Stromer

Stromer in 1914 next to the femur of a ''[[Bahariasaurus]]'' Ernst Freiherr Stromer von Reichenbach (born on 12th of June, 1871 in Nürnberg, died on 18th of December, 1952 in Erlangen) was a German paleontologist best remembered for his expedition to Egypt, during which the discovery of the first known remains of ''Spinosaurus'' was made.

Ernest described several discoveries made in Egypt, including few dinosaurs from Cretaceous period discovered in Egypt (''Aegyptosaurus,'' ''Bahariasaurus'', and ''Carcharodontosaurus''), an enigmatic theropod (''Spinosaurus aegyptiacus'') and a giant crocodilian (''Stomatosuchus'').

In 1929 fossil bird genus ''Stromeria'' (now included in the genus ''Eremopezus'') were named in Ernest’s honour by Kálmán Lambrecht. After Ernest’s death in 2001 Smith et al also named the sauropod ''Paralititan stromeri'' in his honour.

Unfortunately, many of the fossils discovered by Ernest were destroyed during World War II, thus leaving today’s scientists to solely rely on few photographs of previously existing specimens. Provided by Wikipedia
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