Paul Rohrbach

Paul Rohrbach in 1931 Paul Rohrbach (29 June 1869 – 19 July 1956) was a Baltic German writer, concerned with "world politics." He was born at Irgen manor, Raņķi parish, Skrunda Municipality, in the Courland Governorate (then part of the Russian Empire). Between 1887 and 1896 he attended the universities of Dorpat, Berlin, and Strasbourg. Provided by Wikipedia
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Participants: Rohrbach, Paul, [ VerfasserIn, VerfasserIn ]
Published: [2018];, [1898]
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Participants: Rohrbach, Paul 1869-1956 [ VerfasserIn, ]
Published: 1901
Superior document: Sonderabdruck aus Abteilung Berlin-Charlottenburg d. Deutschen Kolonial-Gesellschaft. Verhandlungen