Reno Gang

The Reno Gang, also known as the Reno Brothers Gang and The Jackson Thieves, were a group of criminals that operated in the Midwestern United States during and just after the American Civil War. Though short-lived, the gang carried out the first three peacetime train robberies in U.S. history. Most of the stolen money was never recovered.

The gang was broken up by the lynchings of ten of its members by vigilante mobs in 1868. The murders led to an international diplomatic incident with Canada and Great Britain, international newspaper coverage, and a general public uproar, though no one was ever identified or prosecuted for the lynchings.

The Reno Brothers have been portrayed in at least three films, including Elvis Presley's film debut in ''Love Me Tender'' (1956), in which he starred as Clint Reno, and ''Rage at Dawn'' (1955), featuring Randolph Scott. Provided by Wikipedia
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