Gérard de Nerval

Gérard de Nerval, by [[Nadar (photographer)|Nadar]] Gérard de Nerval (; 22 May 1808 – 26 January 1855), the pen name of the French writer, poet, and translator Gérard Labrunie, was a French essayist, poet, translator, and travel writer. He was a major figure during the era of French romanticism, and best known for his novellas and poems, especially the collection ''Les Filles du feu'' (''The Daughters of Fire''), which included the novella ''Sylvie'' and the poem "El Desdichado". Through his translations, Nerval played a major role in introducing French readers to the works of German Romantic authors, including Klopstock, Schiller, Bürger and Goethe. His later work merged poetry and journalism in a fictional context and influenced Marcel Proust. His last novella, ''Aurélia ou le rêve et la vie'', influenced André Breton and Surrealism. Provided by Wikipedia
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