Hans Mommsen

Mommsen in 2013 Hans Mommsen (5 November 1930 – 5 November 2015) was a German historian, known for his studies in German social history, for his functionalist interpretation of the Third Reich, and especially for arguing that Adolf Hitler was a weak dictator. Descended from Nobel Prize-winning historian Theodor Mommsen, he was a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Provided by Wikipedia
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Participants: Mommsen, Hans. [ ]
Published: 1979.
Superior document: Kritische Studien zur Geschichtswissenschaft ; Bd. 34

Participants: Bollmus, Reinhard, [ VerfasserIn ]; Mommsen, Hans. [ TeilnehmendeR ]
Published: 2006;, [2009]
Superior document: Studien zur Zeitgeschichte ; 1
Other Authors: ...Mommsen, Hans....