Tadeusz Manteuffel

Tadeusz Manteuffel or Tadeusz Manteuffel-Szoege (1902–1970) was a Polish historian, specializing in the medieval history of Europe.

Manteuffel was born in Rēzekne, Vitebsk Governorate, Russian Empire (now Latvia). His brothers were Leon Manteuffel-Szoege and Edward Manteuffel-Szoege. He lost his right hand in the Polish-Soviet War in 1920 when he took part in the defence of Warsaw. Manteuffel studied medieval history in Poland, France, and Italy and later taught at Warsaw University, becoming a known medievalist before 1939.

During the Second World War, Manteuffel was an activist in the education and information section (''Biuro Informacji i Propagandy Armii Krajowej'') of the Polish Secret State in German-occupied Poland, where he contributed to and edited underground newspapers and leaflets (''Wiadomości Polskie'') and from 1940 to 1944 he organized underground history seminars in the then-outlawed Warsaw University.

After the war, Manteuffel was active in rebuilding Warsaw University, where he organized the History Institute and its library. In 1950-53 he directed the Polish Historical Society, and he co-founded the Polish Academy of Sciences, creating and directing its Institute of History, later named for him. Provided by Wikipedia
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