Bernhard Kölver

Bernhard Kölver (1938 – 2001) was a German Indologist, specializing for most of his career in the study of Nepal.

Kölver was born in Cologne, Germany. He received his PhD with a dissertation on Tokharian nominal morphology from Cologne University in 1965. He was professor of Indology in Kiel, Germany (1974-1993) and Leipzig, Germany (1993-).

After a trip to Nepal Kölver specialized in the study of this country, especially the Newar language. In 1995 he was elected to the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzi]. He was also awarded the Triśaktipaṭṭabhūṣaṇa by King Birendra of Nepal in honor of his service to scholarship. Provided by Wikipedia
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Participants: Kolver, Bernhard, [ TeilnehmendeR ]; Muller-Luckner, Elisabeth, [ TeilnehmendeR ]
Published: [1997]
Superior document: Schriften des Historischen Kollegs. Kolloquien ; 30
Other Authors: ...Kolver, Bernhard,...
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