List of Star Trek: Voyager characters

Ayala was played by Tarik Ergin. He appears in the background of almost every episode, more than any other "named extra". He speaks, briefly, in a handful of episodes. He is the only character other than the regulars to appear in both the pilot episode and the finale.

Ayala, the father of two, is originally a Maquis insurgent on Chakotay's ship. Ayala joins ''Voyager'''s crew as a security officer, serving under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway with the provisional rank of lieutenant junior grade.

Ayala serves in main engineering and at ops when Ensign Kim is not on duty, but later transfers to security. He is often seen on the bridge as a relief tactical officer when Tuvok leaves the bridge. Ayala later served as a relief helmsman when Tom Paris wasn't on duty.

In "Twisted", Ayala is left in command of the bridge while the ship is affected by a distortion ring being and the senior staff is confined to the holodecks.

In "Shattered", Chakotay encounters an alternate version of Ayala seven years younger who helps Chakotay and other time-tossed ''Voyager'' crew combat a threat posed by time-distorted Kazon invaders who hold engineering.

In "Repression", Ayala is one of the Maquis who are temporarily brainwashed into taking control of the ship. He becomes one of Chakotay's personal guards. Provided by Wikipedia
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