International Society for the Study of Time

The International Society for the Study of Time (ISST) is an interdisciplinary organization of professional scientists, humanists, and artists. Established by J. T. Fraser in 1966, society members study and explore the multiple dimensions and perspectives of time across the disciplinesthe role time plays in the physical, organic, intellectual, and social worlds. Many (but by no means all) discussions within ISST revolve around fundamental questions such as: * Can the structure of spacetime in physics be reconciled with the human experience of the passage of time? * Can we integrate different temporal scales and complexities in a coherent theory of time? * How do memory and narrative organize human experience and expectations in politics and culture? * How do we reconcile the speed of contemporary societies with the human need for stability? * Can conceptions of a deep past and a vast future help us to foster the spirit of ethical responsibility? Pursuing its mission to foster the interdisciplinary study of time, the ISST produces two peer-reviewed publications in association with Brill Publishers: a journal, ''KronoScope'', and a series of volumes, ''The Study of Time'', comprising papers selected from triennial conferences. The Society also publishes an aperiodical news letter, ''Time's News''. Provided by Wikipedia
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