Institute of Ismaili Studies

The Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) is a research institute in London, United Kingdom. It aims to promote the study of Muslim cultures and societies, both historical and contemporary, in order to foster a greater understanding of their relationships with other societies and faiths. It also functions as a gathering point for the Ismaili community as it endeavors to understand its own history and thought, including the often neglected fields of esoteric Islam and Shi'ism.

The institute draws upon the worldwide knowledge and experience of various institutions and scholars to create awareness through initiatives, publications, and partnerships in the field of Islamic Studies. Its library, which houses the largest-known accessible collection of Ismaili codices in the world, is a major resource in the field. In addition to its research, the IIS offers two graduate programmes: the Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities (GPISH) and the Secondary Teacher Education Programme (STEP).

Established in 1977 by the Aga Khan, it functions under his guidance and works closely with the Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations at the Aga Khan University. Provided by Wikipedia
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