Wilhelm Geiger

Wilhelm Ludwig Geiger (; ; 21 July 1856 – 2 September 1943) was a German Orientalist in the fields of Indo-Iranian languages and the history of Iran and Sri Lanka. He was known as a specialist in Pali, Sinhala language and the Dhivehi language of the Maldives. He is especially known for his work on the Sri Lankan chronicles Mahāvaṃsa and Cūlavaṃsa and made critical editions of the Pali text and English translations with the help of assistant translators. Provided by Wikipedia
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Other Authors: ...Geiger, Wilhelm 1856-1943...

Participants: Geiger, Wilhelm 1856-1943 [ HerausgeberIn ]
Published: 1958
Other Authors: ...Geiger, Wilhelm 1856-1943...

Other Authors: ...Geiger, Wilhelm 1856-1943...