Robyn Fivush

Robyn Fivush is the Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology and Director of the Institute for the Liberal Arts at Emory University, College of Arts and Sciences in Atlanta, Georgia. She is well known for her research on parent-child narrative (i.e., story telling and reminiscing) in relation to the development of autobiographical memory. Fivush is affiliated with the Departments of Psychology and Women's Studies at Emory.

Fivush is the author of ''Family Narratives and the Development of an Autobiographical Self'', coauthor with Susan Golombok, of the volume ''Gender Development.'' She has co-edited several volumes including ''The Remembering Self: Construction and Accuracy in the Self-Narrative'' (with Ulric Neisser), ''Autobiographical Memory and the Construction of A Narrative Self: Developmental and Cultural Perspectives'' (with Catherine Haden), ''Emotion in Memory and Development: Biological, Cognitive, and Social Considerations'' (with Jodi Quas), and ''The Wiley Handbook on the Development of Children's Memory'' (with Patricia Bauer)''.'' Provided by Wikipedia
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Published: [2022]
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