Jürgen von Beckerath

Jürgen von Beckerath (19 February 1920 – 26 June 2016) was a German Egyptologist. He was a prolific writer who published countless articles in journals such as ''Orientalia'', ''Göttinger Miszellen'' (GM), ''Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt'' (JARCE), ''Archiv für Orientforschung'' (AfO), and ''Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur'' (SAK) among others. Together with Kenneth Kitchen, he is viewed as one of the foremost scholars on the New Kingdom and the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt.

His many popular German-language publications include ''Handbuch der Ägyptischen Königsnamen'', 2nd edition (Mainz, 1999) and ''Chronologie des Pharaonischen Ägypten'' or "Chronology of the Egyptian Pharaohs," MÄS 46 (Philip von Zabern, Mainz: 1997), which is regarded by academics as one of the best and most comprehensive books on the chronology of Ancient Egypt and its various Pharaohs. In 1953, he personally inspected and recorded the Nile Quay Texts at Karnak before they were permanently lost or damaged through erosion. Provided by Wikipedia
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