Jean Baudrillard

Baudrillard in 2004 at the [[European Graduate School]] Jean Baudrillard ( , , ; – 6 March 2007) was a French sociologist, philosopher and poet, with interest in cultural studies. He is best known for his analyses of media, contemporary culture, and technological communication, as well as his formulation of concepts such as hyperreality. Baudrillard wrote about diverse subjects, including consumerism, critique of economy, social history, aesthetics, Western foreign policy, and popular culture. Among his most well-known works are ''Seduction'' (1978), ''Simulacra and Simulation'' (1981), , and ''The Gulf War Did Not Take Place'' (1991). His work is frequently associated with postmodernism and specifically post-structuralism. Nevertheless, Baudrillard had also opposed , and had distanced himself from postmodernism. Provided by Wikipedia
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