Alexander of Aphrodisias

Opening paragraph of the treatise ''On Fate'' (''Peri eimarmenes'') by Alexander of Aphrodisias dedicated to Emperors (autokratoras). From an anonymous edition published in 1658. Alexander of Aphrodisias (; AD) was a Peripatetic philosopher and the most celebrated of the Ancient Greek commentators on the writings of Aristotle. He was a native of Aphrodisias in Caria and lived and taught in Athens at the beginning of the 3rd century, where he held a position as head of the Peripatetic school. He wrote many commentaries on the works of Aristotle, extant are those on the ''Prior Analytics'', ''Topics'', ''Meteorology'', ''Sense and Sensibilia'', and ''Metaphysics''. Several original treatises also survive, and include a work ''On Fate'', in which he argues against the Stoic doctrine of necessity; and one ''On the Soul''. His commentaries on Aristotle were considered so useful that he was styled, by way of pre-eminence, "the commentator" (). Provided by Wikipedia
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Participants: Stern, Menahem, [ TeilnehmendeR ]
Published: 1980.
Superior document: European History and Culture - Book Archive pre-2000
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