Out now: The July 2016 issue of “eco.mont"

The July 2016 issue of “eco.mont – The Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management” is now available.

This issue of “eco.mont” has an emphasis on articles with a comparative approach:

  • Peter Strasser takes a closer look at the many types of protection found in the Alpine Convention area.
  • Chiao Yin et al. examine fish diversity across 14 nature reserves in Jiangxi Province, China.
  • Isabelle Arpin et al. look at the role and diverse composition, organization, activities and formation of scientific councils in protected areas in the Alps.
  • Eduard Inglès Yuba et al. analyse governance in conflict situations triggered by sports practice in two protected mountain areas in Catalonia, Spain.
  • Daniel Kreiner and Alexander Maringer look back on ten years of published research in Gesäuse National Park, with a thematic focus on management-relevant research as well as on vertebrates and higher plants within the forests.
  • Joanna Siwek reports on the effect of wastewater from tourist lodges on the streams in Tatra National Park in Poland.
  • Axel Borsdorf et al. track the encroachment of real estate activities on the Dunes of Concón, Chile.
  • Michael Duda summarizes landscape management measures to support land snails in Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve.

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