Project introduction

Posted by Viktor Bruckman on December 11, 2012

The FOREBIOM Project is divided into three major parts which represent an important step in the lifecycle of biomass conversion into energy and biochar. Step 1 (A) deals with issues of sustainable forest biomass production, step 2 (B) with technical aspects of pyrolysis (biochar production) and step 3 (C) with biochar recycling (biochar soil amendment). See further details below.

Carbon can be sequestered when using biochar as soil amendment and biogas (syngas) and bio-oil as feedstocks for energetic utilization. Hence a net sink is created in contrast to fossil feedstocks or even conventional biomass .

Further reading: FOREBIOM project presentation (2nd Korea-EU Conference on Green Technology, November 7-8, 2012 in Espoo, Finland