ESQ PostDoc

Simon MILZ


Genuinely quantum temporal correlations

Quantum mechanics can display fundamentally different correlations than classical physics. While this phenomenon has been thoroughly investigated for the case of correlations in space, the situation presents itself much less explored in the temporal setting. During my ESQ fellowship I am investigating quantum correlations in time, i.e., correlations displayed by processes that are probed at consecutive times. Specifically, my project has three overarching objectives: providing a comprehensive picture of those spatio-temporal correlations that are genuinely quantum; deducing the necessary resources to simulate such correlations; and finally developing tools and protocols to quantify and exploit them when they are advantageous, and to suppress and correct them when they are detrimental for practical applications. To achieve these goals, I make use of the quantum comb formalism, a powerful framework to describe all conceivable spatio-temporal processes – both quantum and classical – as well as multi-partite entanglement theory.

After his ESQ Fellowship Simon Milz is staying on at IQOQI, where he has been taken over by the YIRG group.



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