ESQ PostDoc

Fulvio Flamini


Fulvio Flamini: Investigating the interplay between artificial intelligence and quantum technologies

The last decades have seen the rapid emergence of two vast fields, artificial intelligence and quantum technologies, which promise a significant impact at both fundamental and practical levels. For instance, machine learning algorithms are already ubiquitous and integrated in our everyday life, while quantum devices are expected to push the limits of communication, computation and simulation. In this direction, my project aims at investigating the interplay between these two lines of research, and how each line can take advantage of the other one to boost its potential. To this purpose I will focus on projective simulation, a learning model that has proven effective in both classical and quantum domain, and on photonic quantum devices, which provide a suitable platform for its application. One long-term goal of the project is to design integrated circuits for quantum-enhanced projective simulation, which could be embedded in actual learning agents.  


After his ESQ Fellowship, Fulvio Flamini won an ESQ Discovery Project Grant and stayed on at the University of Innsbruck.



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