Robert Peterson: Using Entanglement to Measure Earth's Rotation

Using Entanglement to Measure Earth's Rotation

Photonics experiments routinely explore the signatures of quantum mechanics, with key features like superposition and entanglement applied to tasks like metrology and quantum computing. Proposed experiments at the interface between gravity and quantum mechanics highlight a unique feature of the photon: because it is massless, it already requires a general-relativistic description. To reach the sensitivity regime where such experiments are possible, we need to make the leap to large-scale entanglement-enhanced interferometry. We propose to use entanglement to measure Earth's rotation using a NOON-state interferometer over 30 times the size of the current state of the art. Measuring the inertial effect of Earth's rotation using quantum entanglement shows the feasibility of more challenging photonics experiments that directly probe general relativity.

As a young researcher I am grateful for this ESQ grant, which allows me the independence to establish a research focus in an innovative, high-risk topic. At the same time, I benefit from working with established ESQ group leaders to successfully bring my project to completion.



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