Farokh Mivehvar: Dynamical Gauge Fields in the Waveguide-Quantum-Electrodynamical Framework

Dynamical Gauge Fields in the Waveguide-Quantum-Electrodynamical Framework

The experimental breakthroughs in reaching the quantum degeneracy limit in ultracold Bose and Fermi gases have marked the beginning of a new era in atomic and condensed-matter physics. Quantum gases can be manipulated by coherent electromagnetic fields (e.g., lasers) to simulate and explore exotic phenomena encountered in condensed matter physics, gauge theories, high energy physics, etc. Of a particular current theoretical and experimental interest is the simulation and realization of the synthetic "dynamical" gauge potentials for neutral atoms. The aim of this project is to engineer in ultracold atomic systems genuine dynamical gauge potentials, with emergent gauge structures and length scales, and correct Euler-Lagrange dynamics. The idea relies on coupling ultracold atoms into continuum (bands) of dynamical electromagnetic radiation fields of a waveguide or a photonic crystal.

The ESQ Discovery Programme with its flexible funding scheme allows me to work in a high-risk project "Dynamical Gauge Fields in the Waveguide-Quantum-Electrodynamical Framework", with potential high gains and novel outcomes, which I have been interested in for some time. Without the ESQ Discovery Programme, it would be difficult to secure a funding for such an exploratory, challenging project through common funding programmes.



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