Stephanie Manz / Thorsten Schumm: MicroTASC – Microwave Tuning of Atomic Scattering

MicroTASC – Microwave Tuning of Atomic Scattering

The aim of microTASC is to implement control of atomic interactions in our new Cesium lab. The setup will provide ultra-cold Cesium matter-waves for experimental studies of interferometry with non-classical states. Apart from interest in fundamental quantum physics, such states hold the promise to enhance the phase sensitivity for applications in sensing. The control of atomic interactions plays a crucial role in maintaining phase coherence in trapped BEC interferometers.  With microTASC, we want to demonstrate a novel way of tuning atomic scattering properties by means of inducing a Feshbach resonance with microwave fields. Theoretical predictions show, that Cesium offers the most promising properties for the realization of such resonance. Our compact atomchip setup allows for appropriate microwave field strengths due to near field control, as well as readout possibilities by close optical access.



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