Viktor Krutianskii: Towards recoil-free measurements of trapped-ions: keeping the cat alive

Towards recoil-free measurements of trapped-ions: keeping the cat alive

In this project we propose to investigate and convincingly demonstrate a new method for measuring the electronic state of trapped ions based on the cavity-enabled near-deterministic single photon emission and detection. The method has two key features: first, the measurement is performed without significantly changing the quantum motional state; second, the method has the potential to be orders of magnitude faster than the state of the art. We envision therefore that our investigation could lead to a new gold standard technique for measuring the state of trapped ions, across the fields of quantum information processing, sensing and spectroscopy.

ESQ has created an excellent infrastructure for young researchers like me to continue our career on a new level. For me personally it is important to start a self-guided research, while remaining a member of an established team. The awarding of the Discovery grant and the involvement of Ben Lanyon’s group at the Innsbruck University in the ESQ program provides exactly that opportunity and I look forward to leading and performing the research proposed and achieving the project goals with this support.



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