Russell Bisset: Bulk Supersolids In Dipolar Mixtures

Bulk Supersolids In Dipolar Mixtures

By developing novel methods to simulate highly-magnetic dipolar condensates, this project endeavors to lay the theoretical groundwork required to create the first-ever bulk supersolids: large self-organized droplet crystals that globally conduct a superfluid current. The proposal is based on combining two dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates, a situation that promises game-changing advantages. Teaming up with the dipolar labs of the Ferlaino Group – with their cutting-edge technology and expertise in creating dipolar supersolids – the goal is then to make bulk supersolids a reality.

The ESQ Discovery Programme provides space for the initiation and establishment of ambitious research directions that inherently contain an element of risk, thus promoting innovation that might otherwise be restrained by the established grant structures.




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