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Leonardo Schiocchet

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Leonardo Schiocchet has a Ph.D. in anthropology (Boston University, 2011) and will defend his Habilitation thesis in Social anthropology at the University of Vienna in November, 2021. He is editor of the Refugee Outreach and Research Network (ROR-n) blog (with Christine Nölle-Karimi) and of ROR-n’s Plattform book series, and Principal investigator of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) project The Austro-Arab Encounter (AUSARAB, 2018-2022). His latest publications include: Living in Refuge: Ritualization & Religiosity in a Christian and a Muslim Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon (Transcript Publishing, forthcoming 2022); Embodied Violence and Agency in Refugee Regimes: Anthropological Perspectives (Sabine Bauer-Amin and Maria Six-Hohenbalken, Transcript Publishing, forthcoming 2022); and, Ideas of Movement, Faith, and Home in Muslim Communities in the Diaspora (with Marzia Balzani, Special Section of HAU, Journal of Ethnographic Theory, forthcoming 2022). Many of his publications can be accessed here.


  • Migration and Forced Migration Studies
  • Social Anthropology; c. Refugee Regimes and (im)mobility
  • Social Belonging & Organization
  • Middle Eastern Studies



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