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Internships at the ISA We especially welcome applications from master students of social anthropology at the University of Vienna where this internship is considered as part of the curriculum. Internships at ISA are mainly offered for training and education purposes, and always take place under the personal supervision of an ISA staff member. Internship activities include work on ISA's research topics (see Orientation) and furthermore provide insight into the administration of the institute's website, academic management, etc. Former ISA Staff Members Directors Stephan Kloos PhD interim director Dr. Maria Six-Hohenbalken deputy director Dr. Christian Jahoda deputy director Founding Director (2009-2019) GINGRICH, Andre, w.M. (o. Univ.-Prof. i.R.) Staff staff representatives: Dr. Maria-Katharina Lang; Univ.-Doz. Dr. Martin Slama AUFSCHNAITER, Claudia, Mag.a PhD researcher BALDWIN, Verena, Mag.a academic management (currently on maternity leave) BLAIKIE, Calum, Dr. researcher BOKIR, Shada, Dr. researcher BRANDT, Marieke, Dr. researcher CASAS, Roger, PhD researcher DRONGSHAR, Tsering, BA researcher EMIR, Mehmet, Mag. technical specialist FEIGLSTORFER, Hubert, Priv.-Doz. DI. DDr. researcher FORSTER, Sandra academic management GÖTSCH, Barbara, Mag.a, Dr., MSc researcher (currently on educational leave) HAZOD, Guntram, Univ.-Doz. Dr. researcher JOVANOVIC, Valentin academic management KAMAL, Noura, Dr. researcher KNOLL, Eva-Maria, Dr. researcher KUNZ, Isabel apprentice LANG, Maria-Katharina, Dr. researcher, staff representative LENGAUER, Dayana, MA researcher LENZ-AYOUB, Lisa, MA researcher MOORTHY KLOSS, Magdalena, Dr. researcher PALL, Zoltan, PhD researcher PAREDES GRIJALVA, Daniela, MA researcher PUNZ, Sandra, MA academic management ROHRBACHER, Peter, Mag. Dr. researcher SALAH ALDEEN, Noura, MA researcher SCHIOCCHET, Leonardo, PhD researcher SLAMA, Martin, Univ.-Doz. Mag. Dr. researcher, staff representative WEISS, Natalie academic management WEISSENBURGER, Alexander, MA MLitt researcher YU, Wanjiao, MA researcher (currently on deployment) Associated Researchers ADRA, Najwa, PhD najwa.adra@gmail.com AL-HINAI, Nasser, M.A. nasser.al-hinai@oeaw.ac.at BAUER-AMIN, Sabine, PhD sabine.bauer-amin@oeaw.ac.at BEN HOUNET, Yazid, PhD yazid.ben-hounet@ehess.fr HOFER, Theresia, PhD t.hofer@ucl.ac.uk, theresia.hofer@medisin.uio.no IZHARUDDIN, Alicia, PhD alicia_izharuddin@hds.harvard.edu KOMMER, Odile, Mag.a odile.kommer@oeaw.ac.at LUKAS, Helmut, Univ.-Doz. Dr. helmut.lukas@oeaw.ac.at MADHAVAN, Harilal, Dr. harilalms@gmail.com MAHONEY, Daniel, PhD daniel.mahoney@oeaw.ac.at MARAQTEN, Mohammed, Dr. maraqten@online.de MORADI, Fazil, Dr. fazilm@uj.ac.za SABERNIG, Katharina, Mag.a Dr. katharina.sabernig@meduniwien.ac.at SHUNNAQ, Mohammed, Dr. mshunnaq@hotmail.com SPRINGER, Lena, Dr. l.springer@mailbox.org STOCKINGER, Johann, Mag. Dr. stockinger@ocg.at VARISCO, Daniel Martin, PhD dmvarisco@gmail.com WEISS, Nerina, Mag.a nerina.weiss@sai.uio.no, nw@rct.dk Guest Researchers KALANTARI, Christiane, Dr. christiane.kalantari@oeaw.ac.at christiane.papa-kalantari@univie.ac.at   HEISS, Johann, Dr. johann.heiss@oeaw.ac.at Interns VIHL, Ana Carolina  
ROHRBACHER, Peter, Mag. Dr.  
CV and Publications Curriculum Vitae + Publications https://oeaw.academia.edu/PeterRohrbacher researcher peter.rohrbacher@oeaw.ac.at  + 43 1 51581 - 6479 Projects (leader) Socio-cultural anthropology during Austria’s interwar period: ​​​​​​​ History of anthropology of Caucasus and "Turkestan" research in Vienna during the Nazi period Book projects Völkerkunde zur NS-Zeit aus Wien (1938–1945) [PDF] (peer reviewed, in press)  
ISA Online Research Forum: Marieke Brandt  
SIX-HOHENBALKEN, Maria Anna, Mag.a Dr.  
CV and Publications Curriculum Vitae Publications deputy director, researcher maria.six-hohenbalken@oeaw.ac.at  + 43 1 51581 - 6463 Projects (leader) Memoryscapes in multiple modernities orschungen in von Kurden bewohnten Regionen Leaving – Persevering – Arriving Sharaf-nāma. Amīr Sharaf Khān Bidlīsī. A Persian Source for the History of Kurds Publication Project Projects (collaborator) Ethnonyms by Comparison COVID-19 in refugee and integration contexts  
w.M. GINGRICH, Andre (o.Univ.-Prof. i.R.)  
CV and Publications CURRICULUM VITAE PUBLICATIONS Master and PhD-theses founding director (2009-2019) andre.gingrich@oeaw.ac.at  + 43 1 51581 - 6451 Projects (leader) History of Asian Ethnographies Leaving – Persevering – Arriving Methodological and Epistemological Foundations of Socio-Cultural Anthropology VISCOM: South Arabia between Late Antiquity and Early Modernity PROJECT (COLLABORATOR) History of anthropology of Caucasus and Turkestan research in Vienna Book projects Völkerkunde zur NS-Zeit aus Wien (1938–1945) [PDF] (peer reviewed)  
SCHIOCCHET, Leonardo, Ph.D.  
CV and Publications Curriculum Vitae researcher leonardo.schiocchet@oeaw.ac.at  + 43 1 51581 - 6461 Projects (leader) The Austro-Arab Encounter Project (collaborator) Leaving - Persevering - Arriving  
SLAMA, Martin, Univ.-Doz. Mag. Dr.  
CV and Publications Curriculum Vitae PUBLICATIONS researcher, staff representative martin.slama@oeaw.ac.at  + 43 1 51581 - 6464 Projects (leader) Social Media and Islamic Practice: Consequences of Being Digitally Pious in Indonesia Diasporic Hadhrami (Re-)Positioning in Indonesia’s Changing Religious and Political Fields Religiosities of Housing, Socio-Economic Inequality and Notions of Emptiness in Insular Southeast Asia Projects (supervisor) Mobilities and socio-environmental frictions Pluralism as Practice TRANSCAMUS  
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