FWF Cluster of Excellence „Eurasian Transformations”

The Institute of Iranian Studies participates in large research network on historical processes of transformation and cultural heritage in global perspective

The “Eurasian Miracle” (Jack Goody) developed over the course of three millennia, from Central Europe to Asia: historical transformation processes that continue to have an impact even on modern times. The growth and decline of empires, environmental changes, and mobility and migration affected economic developments, resulting in new constructions of identity and strategies of exclusion in societies and religions. Historical sources from this period are preserved in a variety of languages and writings. The cultural heritage of this large region is in many cases still waiting to be processed and analyzed.

A team of 31 Austrian scientists at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Central European University, the University of Innsbruck and the University of Vienna, including four researchers at the Institute of Iranian Studies, will be dedicating themselves to researching these topics in dialog with international partners and training a new generation of doctoral students and junior researchers with broad skills in research-led teaching.