Organising Committee


Christoph Bock

OeAW Young Academy


Hannes Fellner

OeAW Young Academy

Astrid Mager

OeAW Young Academy

Anne Sophie Meincke

OeAW Young Academy

Astrid Weiss

OeAW Young Academy


Heinz Fassmann

President of the OeAW

Ulrike Diebold

Vice President of the OeAW

Christiane Wendehorst

President of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences of the OeAW

Wolfgang Baumjohann

President of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences of the OeAW

Helga Nowotny

European Research Council (former President)

Giulio Superti-Furga


Michael Stampfer

Vienna Science and Technology Fund - WWTF

Contact for logistical and administrative questions

Georg BĂ«rveniku-Brunner and Andrea Windegger