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Place / Publishing House:Leiden [u.a.] : Brill, 2001-
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The Crimean Tatars : the diaspora experience and the forging of a nation / by Brian Glyn Wiliams 2001 2
The letters of Khwāja ʿUbayd Allāh Aḥrār and his associates / Persian text ed. by Asom Urunbaev. English transl. with notes by Jo-Ann Gross 2002 5
The secret history of the Mongols : a Mongolian epic chronicle of the thirteenth century / transl. with a historical and philosophical commentary by Igor de Rachewiltz 2 7
Mongols, Turks and others : Eurasian nomads and the sedentary world ; [papers based on the work of a research group on "The interaction of nomadic conquerors with sedentary people in China and the Middle East" in spring of 2000 at the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem] / ed. by Reuven Amitai and Michal Biran 2005 11
An Islamic biographical dictionary of the eastern Kazakh Steppe : 1770 - 1912 / Qurbān-ʿAlī Khālidī. Ed. by Allen J. Frank and Mirkasyim A. Usmanov 2005 12
On the cusp of an era : art in the pre-Kuṣāṇa world / ed. by Doris Meth Srinivasan 2007 18
Timurids in transition : Turko-Persian politics and acculturation in medieval Iran / by Maria E. Subtelny 2007 19
The Mongols and the Armenians : (1220 - 1335) / by Bayarsaikhan Dashdondog 2011 24
Bukhara and the Muslims of Russia : Sufism, education, and the paradox of islamic prestige / Allen J. Frank 2012 26
Four types of loyalty in early modern central Asia : the Tūqāy-Tīmūrid takeover of greater Mā Warā al-Nahr, 1598 - 1605 / by Thomas Welsford 2013 27
Explorations in the social history of modern Central Asia (19th - early 20th century) / edited by Paolo Sartori 2013 29
Turko-Mongol rulers, cities and city life / [contributors: Michal Biran ...]. Ed. by David Durand-Guédy 2013 31
A Turkic medical treatise from Islamic Central Asia : a critical edition of a seventeenth-century Chagatay work by Subḥān Qulï Khan / ed., transl. and annot. by László Károly 2015 32
Seeking justice at the court of the Khans of Khiva : (19th-early 20th centuries) / by Paolo Sartori, Ulfat Abdurasulov 2020 38
Mongol Caucasia : invasions, conquest, and government of a frontier region in thirteenth-century Eurasia (1204-1295) / by Lorenzo Pubblici ; translated by Andrew Smaldone 2022 41
Muslim religious authority in Central Eurasia / edited by Ron Sela, Paolo Sartori, Devin DeWeese 2023 43