Dissertationes geophysicales Universitatis Tartuensis

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Place / Publishing House:Tartu : Ülikooli Kirjastus
Publication history:Nachgewiesen 11.2000 -
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On the two radiatively effective cloud parameters : extended abstrac of the Ph. D. Thesis / by Piia Post 1993 5
Electric aerosol spectrometry : Ph. D. Thesis / by Aadu Mirme 1994 6
Mathematical simulation of the evolution of air ions / Aare Luts 1995 7
Estimation of water quality in turbid inland and coastal waters by passive optical remote sensing / Tiit Kutser 1997 8
Atmospheric aerosol in the Baltic region : particle size distributions, sources gas-to-particle conversion / Ülle Kikas 1998 9
Processes of deep water renewal in the Baltic Sea / Tarmo Kõuts 1999 10
Underwater light field characteristics in differnt types of Estonian and Finnish lakes / Anu Reinart 2000 11
Parameterisation of atmospheric boundary layer in the numerical model of air pollution transport / Marko Kaasik 2000 12
Topographically constrained deep-water flows in channels : (rotating-channel flow modelling, baltic straits overflows) / Janek Laanearu 2001 13
Wind-driven circulation in the Gulf of Riga / Urmas Raudsepp 2001 14
Air ion mobility spectrum at a rural area / Urmas Hõrrak 2001 15
Formation and evolution of atmospheric aerosol size spectrum by the occurrence of nucleation burst events in the atmospheric boundary layer; transport of the climatically active particulate air pollution / Marko Vana 2002 16
Analysis of methods of air assessment. Applications in Estonia / Veljo Kimmel 2002 17
Variability of atmospheric transparency and precipitable water in Estonia during last decades / Oleg Okulov 2003 18
Implementation and validation of the nonhydrostatic adiabatic core of the numerical weather prediction system / Aarne Männik 2003 19
Shortwave solar radiation field inside willow canopy / Matti Mõttus 2004 20
Long weakly nonlinear waves in geophysical applications / Kalev Rannat 2007 21
Observations of ozone, polar stratospheric cloud and water vapour profiles in the arctic / Rigel Kivi 2007 22
Spatial and temporal variability of atmospheric column humidity / Erko Jakobson 2009 23