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Place / Publishing House:Berkeley, Calif. [u.a.] : Univ. of Calif. Press, 1909-
Publication history:1.1909/10 -
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Georg Hager, a Meistersinger of Nürnberg : 1552 - 1634 / by Clair Hayden Bell ...
Der junge Goethe und das Publikum / von W. R. R. Pinger 1909 1,1
Studies in the marvellous / by Benjamin P. Kurtz 1910 1,2
Introduction to the philosophy of art / by Arthur Weiss 1910 1,3
The Old English Christian epic : a study in the plot technique of the Juliana, the Elene, the Andreas, and the Christ in comparison with the Beowulf and with the Latin literature of the Middle Ages / by George Arnold Smithson 1910 1,4
Laurence Sterne and Goethe / by W. R. R. Pinger 1920 10,1
The sister's son in the medieval German epic / by Clair Hayden Bell 1922 10,2
Goethe's political interests prior to 1787 / by Frank Herman Reinsch 1923 10,3
Martial and the English epigram from Sir Thomas Wyatt to Ben Jonson / by T. K. Whipple 1925 10,4
The Charles Mills Gayley anniversary papers : contributed by former students of Professor Gayley and by members of his department and presented to him in celebration of this thirtieth year of distinguished service in the University of California, 1889-1919 1922 11
The discovery of illusion : Flaubert's early works ; 1835 - 1837 / by Eric Lawrence Gans 1971 100
Matías de los Reyes and the craft of fiction / by Carroll B. Johnson 1973 101
Le temps jaune : essais sur Corbière / by Marshall Lindsay 1972 102
Latin rhetorical theory in thirteenth and fourteenth century Castile / by Charles Faulhaber 1972 103
Voices under the ground : themes and images in the poetry of Gunnar Ekelöf / by Ross Shideler ; with a foreward by Reidar Ekner 1973 104
The Tristan of Gottfried von Strassburg : an ironic perspective / by Ruth Goldschmidt Kunzer 1973 105
Schillers junge Idealisten / von Rolf N. Linn 1973 106
Poesías de Don Felipe Pardo y Aliaga / introducción, ed. y notas por Luis Monguió 1973 107
Corruption, conflict, and power in the works and times of Niccoló Machiavelli / by Alfredo Bonadeo 1973 108
Toward a quantitative methodology for stylistic analyses / by Agnes M. Bruno 1974 109
Los pliegos poéticos de la Biblioteca Colombina : (siglo XVI) / estudio bibliográfico por Antonio Rodríguez-Moñino 1976 110
Inside Guzmán de Alfarache / by Carroll B. Johnson 1978 111
The allegory of good love : parodic perspectivism in the Libro de Buen Amor / by Dayle Seidenspinner-Núñez 1981 112
Cân Rolant : the medieval Welsh version of the song of Roland / by Annalee Claire Rejhon 1984 113
The Habsburg chancery language in perspective / by Elaine C. Tennant 1985 114
Alfonso X and the Jews : an edition of and commentary on "Siete partidas" 7.24 "De los judíos" / by Dwayne E. Carpenter 1986 115
A fragment of "Les enfances vivien" : National Library of Wales Ms.5043E / by Joseph J. Duggan 1985 116
Strindberg as a modern poet : a critical and comparative study / John Eric Bellquist 1986 117
Beppe Fenoglio and English literature : a study of the writer as translator / Mark Pietralunga 1987 118
Batilo : estudios sobre la evolución estilística de Meléndez Valdés / by John H. R. Polt 1987 119
Zur Entwicklung der Futur-Umschreibung werden mit dem Infinitiv / von Mathilde Kleiner 1925 12,1
From St. Anthony to St. Guthlac : a study in biography / by Benjamin P. Kurtz 1926 12,2
The influence of the Arthurian romances on the five books of Rabelais / by Nemours H. Clement 1926 12,3
Le français dans les relations diplomatiques / par Henriette Roumiguière 1926 12,4
Prévost's translations of Richardson's novels / by Frank Howard Wilcox 1927 12,5
The merchant of art : an Egyptian Hilali oral epic poet in performance / by Susan Slyomovics 1987 120
Tragedy and comedy from Dante to Pseudo-Dante / Henry Ansgar Kelly 1988 121
Allegorical speculation in an oral society : the Tabwa narrative tradition / by Robert Cancel 1989 122
Polish sacred philology in the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation : chapters in the history of the controversies (1551 - 1632) / David A. Frick 1989 123
Language, morality, and society : an ethical model of communication in Fontane and Hofmannsthal / Glenn A. Guidry 1989 124
Ten Hispano-Arabic strophic songs in the modern oral tradition : music and texts / Benjamin M. Liu and James T. Monroe 1989 125
Saints and scribes : medieval hagiography in its manuscript context / Pamela Gehrke 1993 126
The poetry of Yūnus Emre, a Turkish sufi poet / Grace Martin Smith 1993 127
Ocho sainetes inéditos de Don Ramón de la Cruz : ed., con notas, según autógrafos existentes en la Biblioteca Municipal de Madrid / por Charles Emil Kany 1925 13,1
Spanish ballad problems : the native historical themes / by S. Griswold Morley 1925 13,2
History and syntax of the progressive constructions in Spanish / by Robert K. Spaulding 1926 13,3
The French studies of Mario Equicola (1470-1525) / by Camillo P. Merlino 1929 14,1
Echoes of the American Revolution in German literature / by Henry Safford King 1929 14,2
L'histoire nationale dans la tragédie française du XVIIIe siècle / par Clarence D. Brenner 1929 14,3
A tabulation of early Italian tales / by D. P. Rotunda 1930 14,4
Lope de Vega's Peregrino lists / by S. Griswold Morley 1930 14,5
The sources of Lope de Vega's La prueba de los amigos / by Lesley Byrd Simpson 1930 14,6
The -ra verb form in Spain : the Latin pluperfect indicative form in its successive functions in Castilian, with a table of ratios of these functions compared with those of parallel forms / by Leavitt Olds Wright 1932 15,1
Lettres inédites de Suard à Wilkes / publiées par Gabriel Bonno 1932 15,2
Los misterios del Corpus de Valencia : ed. diplomática, con notas críticas y estudio preliminar / por Hermenegildo Corbató 1932 16,1
Le Journal des Savants et la renommée de Pope en France au XVIIIe siècle / par Jacqueline de la Harpe 1933 16,2
Romances of chivalry in the Spanish Indies : with some registros of shipments of books to the Spanish colonies / by Irving A. Leonard 1933 16,3
Le répertoire de l'opéra-comique en vaudevilles de 1708 à 1764 / par Francis J. Carmody 1933 16,4
The publication of English literature in Germany in the eighteenth century / by Mary Bell Price and Lawrence Marsden Price 1934 17
Social conflicts in medieval German poetry / by Erwin Gustav Gudde 1934 18,1
Correspondance littéraire de Suard avec le margrave de Bayreuth : fragments inédits publiés et annotés / par Gabriel Bonno 1934 18,2
Cansoun de Saint Alexis : a modern Provençal parody of the legend of Saint Alexis / ed. by Rudolph Altrocchi 1935 18,3
The "philosophes" and the propaganda for inoculation of smallpox in eighteenth-century France / by Arnold H. Rowbotham 1935 18,4
A reinterpretation of the expository verses of the "Hildebrandslied" / by Emil T. H. Bunje 1936 18,5
Anecdotes in Manso's "Vita di Tasso" and their sources / by Michele de Filippis 1936 18,6
The dramatic works of Luis Vélez de Guevara : their plots, sources, and bibliogr. / by Forrest Eugene Spencer and Rudolph Schevill 1937 19
Wilhelm Busch als Dichter, Künstler, Psychologe und Philosoph / von F. Winther 1910 2,1
The critics of Edmund Spenser / by Edmund Spenser 1911 2,2
Some forms of the riddle question and the exercise of the wits in popular fiction and formal literature / by Rudolph Schevill 1911 2,3
Histrionics in the dramas of Franz Grillparzer / by Elizabeth Adelaide Herrmann 1912 2,4
Spenser, the School of the Fletchers, and Milton / by Herbert E. Cory 1912 2,5
Le développement du proverbe dramatique en France et sa vogue au XVIIIe siècle : avec un proverbe inédit de Carmontelle / par Clarence D. Brenner 1937 20,1
Una bibliografía de versificación española / por Dorothy Clotelle Clarke 1937 20,2
On the life and work of the Spanish humanist Antonio de Torquemada / by James H. Elsdon 1937 20,3
X-ray studies of speech articulations : notes and x-ray films of the late Richard T. Holbrook / arranged and explained by Francis J. Carmody 1937 20,4
G. B. Manso's "Enciclopedia" / by Michele de Filippis 1937 20,5
Le Journal des Savants et l'Angleterre : 1702 - 1789 / par Jacqueline de la Harpe 1941 20,6
The beginnings of the epistolary novel in France, Italy, and Spain / by Charles E. Kany 1937 21,1
La novela en América hispana / por Arturo Torres-Rioseco 1939 21,2
Rounded vowel e in the Spanish diphthong ue / by Charles E. Kany 1940 21,3
La Cristina : tragedia inedita di F. M. Trevisani / con notizie sulla vitae e sulle opere dell'autore a cura di Michele de Filippis 1940 21,4
An x-ray study of pharyngeal articulation / by Francis J. Carmody 1941 21,5
Charlemagne and Roland : a study of the source of two Middle English metrical romances, Roland and Vernagu and Otuel and Roland / by Ronald N. Walpole 1944 21,6
Li livres dou tresor de Brunetto Latini : édition critique / par Francis J. Carmody 1948 22
Lessings Stellung in der Entfaltung des Individualismus / von Friedrich Joseph Schmitz 1941 23
A comparative study of the metrical technique of Ronsard and Malherbe / by C. C. Humiston 1941 24,1
Proverbs and proverbial phrases in Basile's "Pentameron" / by Charles Speroni 1941 24,2
A dictionary of words and idioms associated with Judas Iscariot : a compilation based mainly on material found in the Germanic languages / by Wayland D. Hand 1942 24,3
The German Catholic estimate of Goethe : (1790 - 1939) ; a contribution to the study of the relation of German Catholicism to secular culture / by William J. Mulloy 1944 24,4
Indo-European final -*s in Germanic / by C. Douglas Chrétien 1941 25,1
The aspects of the verb in Serbo-Croatian / by Rajko Hariton Ružić 1943 25,2
Enrique Gaspar and the social drama in Spain / by Leo Kirschenbaum 1944 25,4
Christian Heinrich Schmid and his translations of English dramas, 1767 - 1789 / by Lawrence Marsden Price 1942 26,1
L'abbé Laurent Bordelon et la lutte contre la superstition en France entre 1680 et 1730 / par Jacqueline de la Harpe 1942 26,2
A collection of Welsh riddles / by Vernam E. Hull and Archer Taylor 1942 26,3
Wielands "Abderiten" und der deutsche Humanismus / by Ludwig Edelstein 1950 26,5
The New England interest in Jean Paul Friedrich Richter / by Edward V. Brewer 1943 27,1
The vogue of Marmontel on the German stage / by Lawrence Marsden Price 1944 27,2
The problem of individualism and the crises in the lives of Lessing and Hamann / by F. J. Schmitz 1944 27,3
The poems of Lupold Hornburg / ed. by Clair Hayden Bell and Erwin G. Gudde 1945 27,4
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