George Lane

George Lane may refer to: * George Lane, better known as Clubfoot George, alleged outlaw who was hanged on January 13, 1864, in Virginia City, Montana * George Lane (British Army officer) (1915–2010), Hungarian-born British World War II commando * George Lane (mental calculator) (born 1964), mental calculator and author * George Lane (minister) (1842–1904), inaugural president-general of the Methodist Church of Australasia * George Lane (musician), pseudonym for Eric Dolphy (1928–1964) on John Coltrane's ''Olé Coltrane'' album * George Lane (politician) (1856–1925), Canadian cattle baron and legislator * George Lane (technical analyst) (1921–2004), American technical analyst; developer of the stochastic oscillator model * George Washington Lane (1806–1863), U.S. federal judge * George Lane (cricketer) (1852–1917), English cricketer * George Martin Lane (1823–1897), American scholar * George Sherman Lane (1902–1981), American linguist * George Lane, 1st Viscount Lanesborough (1620s–1683), Irish politician * George W. Lane Jr. (1880–1963), American banker and political candidate * George M. Lane (diplomat), U.S. ambassador to Yemen * Chappy Lane (George M. Lane, died 1901), baseball player * George A. Lane, British historian * George Lane station, original name of South Woodford tube station on the London Underground Provided by Wikipedia
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