Interest in research and trust in science has long been lower in Austria than the EU average. This is confirmed by figures from the "Science Eurobarometer", which is surveyed every ten years. The Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) – in accordance with its statutory mission "to promote science in every way" – aims to increase the status of science in Austria. To be able to adequately measure and evaluate the steps taken, a more regular information base than the ten-year "Science Eurobarometer" is required. For this reason, the OeAW created the "Science Barometer Austria" based on the model of comparable surveys in Germany and Switzerland.

After the first pilot study in 2022, this survey of Austria's trust and interest in science and other questions of general attitudes towards science is carried out on an annual basis. The results are presented to the public in both scientific and non-technical terms and provide a solid basis for future confidence-building measures and further relevant research.


After obtaining offers from qualified service providers by means of assessment by a jury of experts in accordance with the best bidder principle, the company Gallup International was commissioned with implementing the pilot study. Gallup International not only showed a great deal of experience in comparable surveys, but also made the best offer in terms of quality and overall cost-effectiveness.