Fri, 10.03.2023 – 11.03.2023

Deadjectival verb formation in Indo-European: Historical and theoretical perspectives

International workshop

Productive means for deriving deadjectival verbs exist in all older Indo-European languages, but these have for the most part not been the subject of systematic study and analysis from the perspective of comparative reconstruction or theoretical linguistics. There are several reasons for this fact: On one hand, verbal (especially internal) derivation is less examined than nominal derivation, and within the verbal domain one can notice a research gap between primary and secondary derivates. On the other hand, their synchronic productivity makes it difficult to distinguish forms that are “einzelsprachlich” from cognates. Furthermore, more research is needed to establish valid diagnostics for derivational directionality (cf. Grestenberger & Kastner forthcoming) – the problem therefore lies in the state of research as well in methodology.
As a consequence, existing case studies on denominal and deadjectival verb formation (e.g. Tucker 1990) have raised a multitude of questions for comparative reconstruction. This potential is reinforced by recent work on the factitive verbs of the “newaḫḫi-type” (Jasanoff 2003, Rau 2009b, Sasseville 2015, 2020) or the discussion on a potential deadjectival origin of the PIE u-presents, respectively the class of simple thematic presents (cf. Villanueva-Svensson 2021, Jasanoff forthcoming).
This workshop aims to bring together researchers from Indo-European studies as well as from theoretical linguistics to discuss deadjectival verb formation from different perspectives, as part of the FWF-funded project “The diachrony of verbal categories and categorizers” (V 850G).


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10.-11. März 2023

Institut für Iranistik
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