Vegard Skirbekk

Thematic Focal Person: "Cognitive Ageing"

Vegard Skirbekk was Leader of the Age and Cohort Change (ACC) Project at IIASA’s World Population (POP) Program between 2009-2015. He investigates trends in the age and gender distribution of human capital, skills and work performance focusing on life cycle and cohort changes; and how to improve senior workers' skills and capacities. He also studies the impact of generational and life cycle variation on societal values and belief structures, considering cohort and life cycle changes, migration, fertility differences and taking into account intrafamilial transmissions. Another key research interest is the determinants of childbearing in a low fertility Asian/European context.

Dr. Skirbekk graduated in economics from the University of Oslo, Norway in 2000, and also studied at Adelaide University, Australia. In 2005 he was awarded his PhD at the University of Rostock, Germany. In 2000-2001 Dr. Skirbekk participated in the Advanced Studies Program in International Economics, held by the Institute for World Economics in Kiel, Germany. From 2001 to 2003 he worked at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock, Germany and is associated with the research department at Statistics Norway. He also served on the board of the Scientific Coordination Team of the PLUREL project (Peri-Urban Land Use Relationships Strategies and Sustainability Assessment Tools for Urban-Rural Linkages).