Nikola Sander

Thematic Focal Person: "Migration & Education"

Nikola joined the Vienna Institute of Demography in 2010 after receiving her doctorate from the University of Queensland in Australia. She is a population geographer and demographer focusing on studies of internal and international migration around the globe. Nikola is interested in the spatial patterns of migration flows, reasons for moving, and the effects of migration on regional and local population change in past, present and future. She is committed to improving the dialogue between science and society through new models of communication and engagement. The dissemination project “The Global Flow of People” developed by Sander and her colleagues shows that interactive data visualisation can bridge the gap between science and the public.

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Dissemination projects:

The Global Flow of People http://www.global-migration.info/

Circular World http://www.circular-world.com/

Internal Migration in Germany http://www.german-migration.info/