29-6-2015. Wittgenstein Centre population projections and results from the ERC-supported Re-Aging project are used in a new World Bank report on population aging in Europe and Central Asia. More information

Malaysian researchers at the Vienna Institute of Demography

19-06-2015. Irwan Nadzif Mahpul and Mohd Amirul Rafiq Abu Rahim, researchers from LPPKN, the National Population and Family Development Board in Malaysia visited the Vienna Institute of Demography to discuss the possible collaboration about online databases and participation in the Human Fertility Database.

18-06-2015. The WIREL project studied demographic and religious forces that have shaped Vienna’s population composition throughout the past as well as the implications for the present and the future. Download

2-6-2015. Marcin Stonawski, Michaela Potancokov√° and Vegard Skirbekk have published a new paper entitled "Fertility Patterns of Native and Migrant Muslims in Europe" in Population, Space and Place.  More information