15-4-2015. In this new paper published in PLOS ONE, W. Sanderson and S. Scherbov show that people become healthier, more capable, and indeed younger in many ways even if they have lived longer lives. More information

13-4-2015. Valeria Bordone was invited to give a Seminar entitled "Redefining aging: The role of grandparenting" at the University of Southampton on 23 April 2015. More information

7-4-2015. In this Interim Report Markus Speringer and colleagues provide a validation of the Wittgenstein Centre back-projections for populations by age, sex, and six levels of education from 2010 to 1970. More information

23-03-2015. Read about the Wittgenstein Centre contributions at the PAA 2015 from 28 April - 3 May in San Diego, visit our booth and follow us on Twitter for updates @WiCVienna. More information