20-8-2014. The Yearbook presents an annual snapshot of the state of religious statistics around the world. The issue offers findings, sources, methods, and implications surrounding international religious demography. More information

15-8-2014. Together with politicians, other academics, students, and decision makers Wolfgang Lutz is participating between 19-24 Aug at the European Forum Alpbach, to discuss and brainstorm new ideas and solutions to European and global problems. More information

11-8-2014. The Wittgenstein Centre Data Explorer is now available online. It provides data, projection assumptions, and results on the population of all world countries. www.wittgensteincentre.org/dataexplorer

2014-07-31 This study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, investigated the extent to which improvements in living conditions and educational opportunities over a person’s life affect cognitive abilities and their implications for men and women. More