Description: Aleksandr Ovkadzhiev demonstrates some items of Kalmyk handicrafts from school museum and explains how these items were made and used in the past. Together with the pupils, he makes the traditional Kalmyk puzzle game näärɪ́n šinǧɪ́. He briefly explains the rules of the puzzle. At the end of interview, Aleksandr gives an explanation to the image of genealogical tree of one of the local clans.

Cite as: Halʹmýg ulsín ɣarín erdmín kegdɪlmǘd – Items of Kalmyk handicrafts; performer: Aleksandr Ovkadzhiev, camera/ interview: Ioana Aminian, Thede Kahl, interview assistant: Olga Erendzhenova, transcription/ translation/ editor: Chingis Azydov, retrieved from, ID-number: kalm1244RUV0014a.