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Special issue on:

Education and fertility in low-fertility settings

Guest editors: Eva Beaujouan, Tomas Sobotka and Jan Van Bavel

Managing editor: Natalie Nitsche


Education and fertility in low-fertility settings

  • Tomas Sobotka, Eva Beaujouan, Jan van Bavel
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Demographic Debate

The future fertility of highly educated women: the role of educational composition shifts and labor market barriers

Education empowers women to reach their personal fertility target, regardless of what the target is

Will highly educated women have more children in the future? Looking at reproductive plans and outcomes

What do men want? The growing importance of men’s characteristics for fertility

Will highly educated women have more children in the future? In Southern Europe, it will largely depend on labour market conditions

  • Diego Ramiro-Fariñas, Francisco J. Viciana-Fernández, Víctor Montañés Cobo
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Education, gender revolution, and fertility recovery

Review Article

Education and fertility in the context of rising inequality

 Refereed Articles

Cross-national differences in the association between educational attainment and completed fertility. Do welfare regimes matter?

  • Eva-Maria Merz and Aart C. Liefbroer
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The role of values and of socioeconomic status in the education-fertility link among men and women

Pathways to marital and non-marital first birth: the role of his and her education

  • Alessandra Trimarchi and Jan Van Bavel
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Differences in partnership and marital status at first birth by women’s and their partners’ education: evidence from Britain 1991–2012

  • Nitzan Peri-Rotem and Jacqueline Scott
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Do different educational pairings lead to different fertility outcomes? A cohort perspective for the Greek case

Educational field and fertility in western Germany: an analysis of women born between 1955 and 1959

Fertility and education among British Asian women: a success story of social mobility?

The educational gradient of fertility intentions: a meta-analysis of European studies

  • Maria Rita Testa and Fabian Stephany
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